Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1st Morel Mushroom Hunt

I went on my first morel mushroom hunt tonight. My bil thought he had spotted some a couple weeks ago on his property. With the help of a friend who has successfully hunted them before, we went out in search of those yummy morsels. After some time of wading through waste high weeds and some poison ivy, we thought it was a complete bust. No, we didn't find any morels, but we did find a natural bee hive in an old tree! Now we just need a brave soul with a small hand to collect it for us. Pretty please?

The fun continued as we explored further and found an old shelf in the creek. After balancing on a small log in my slick soled cowboy boots, I managed to not fall into said mud-pie-smelling creek as I fished it out....with the help of both my bil and friend.

On the way back to the house, I ate my first shepherd's purse...which at first tastes like broccoli with a bitter after taste. And near the very end of the journey, we spotted one lonely mushroom.

Nope, not a wrinkly penis mushroom (hey, that's what I was told to look for, man!).

We walked back, thankful for beautiful weather, not falling into the creek or a huge patch of poison ivy... with only a few hedge scratches, a mosquito bite or two, a little mud, and only one tic not yet bedded down.

Next time, morels, next time we will find you.