Sunday, March 28, 2010

Road Trip

I'm heading out on a road trip tonight. I'm meeting my cousin in Reno and hitchin' a ride with her down to San Francisco. I'll be in SF for a few days then riding with her to Paso Robles for a few days.

photo source

Here's to exploring! Where's your week taking you?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Art critique #2 - follow up

Follow up to art critique #2. Yes, I know it took so long for me to follow up on this one that you've probably completely forgotten about it. So if you need a refresher, check out Art Critique #2 and even read the comments/suggestions given. I have taken some of your advise and of course throw some of my own in there.... still not sure if it's completely done, but done enough is what I'm telling myself. It's time to move on. (actually I cheated and painted something else, too... I'll share that with you next week.)

If you have suggestions or feedback, it's still welcome. That's what these critiques are all about.
This one is pretty different than what I usually do... experimenting :)

just fyi... most of the fairies are an inch or less in height/length

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my bones

went to the doctor today and he says i should be able to get my cast off in two weeks. YAY!!!!

also i asked for my original xrays that i had the portland hospital mail. so here they are...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday fun

Today we woke up early and watched silly movies, ate lunch at one of my favorite spots called Sprouts (we split a smoothie and a tuna burrito...a little odd but good), then walked down to the beach to fly the kite.

The wind was perfect for it. I even took a nap in the sand. Back at home we had chicken curry for dinner (he cooked) and played games...dominoes and my first game of chess. And I won! hehe

i'm red

Saturday, March 20, 2010

last week of winter recap

The snow has really been melting this week which is sad for my snowboarding goal, but yay for walks without coats. maybe when i get my cast off there will still be a little snow on the slopes to get a few more days in.

quick list of things i did this week.
*bought my domain and web hosting for 2 years.
*set up my new etsy account with my business name
*made my blog public and got my first comment from a stranger (that was fun!)
*went for a couple walks
*tried to help fly a kite on a not-so-windy day
*fell in a field of snow (where we were trying to fly the before mentioned kite) catching myself with my broken hand. it still thinks it's healthy and just wants to help. luckily it was snow and not the hard ground, plus it instantly got "iced". it seems to be unhurt.
*hung my inspiration board right above the kitchen table (which is where i work mostly anyway so perfect)
*i decorated my business binder, but im not impressed with how the cover came out so ill revisit it again when ive got an idea how to make it better.
*i was however impressed with my dividers and tabs i made with my one handed sewing skills!
*saw alice in wonderland in 3d. *yawn*
*i made my best smoothie to date. vanilla chai tea from bolthouse farms, vanilla yogart, frozen blueberrys and peaches, flax seed. ooooohhh yum!
*finished my first term (out of 3) of my indie biz class and am caught up on "homework"
*tonight im hoping to play some games with friends

(foam i used as backing for my inspiration board)

butterfly pillowcase i used over it

my board hung even with the 3d pieces

my binder cover

fronts of 5 dividers with pockets on the fronts of 4 of them.

backs of the dividers. the three with paper sack backs are big pockets.

example of pockets. index card poking out of them.

i had fun collaging them. this my calendar divider. "chop to it TODAY!"

*bonus pic. this is the back cover i doodled left handed on. not too siked about it either. i did the back first with the intention to wrap the doodles around the spine and to the front but stopped when i decided to go another route.

blueberry peach chai smoothie

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i want this tape

i saw this tape mentioned on another blog and had to google it.
ive seen cute scrapbooking tape before, but this is masking tape size in fun colors and patterns. i really want some of this Happy Tape!

If I had the money to order it, this would surely be my next obsession.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Decided to go public

I've decided to make my blog public. For those that like to receive notification of new posts, just add me to your google reader or feeder of your choice. I will still be posting a mix of personal life, travel, art, projects, and soon my new indie business.

And that brings me to another big step I took today. I now own! finally, right? There is nothing on there right now, but I'll sure let you know when there is.

Inspiration Board

I made an inspiration board the other day, although i havent been able to hang it yet (home alone and 1 handed, it's not gonna happen), i used things i already had. the back is actually foam that soldiers roll up and use as a mattress. i just scavenged through my all my stuff and picked out my favorite colors, textures, illustrations, etc.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Portland photos

i have been a little preoccupied with my hand and the indie biz class that i realized i hadnt even posted any pics of portland.

we got there thursday night (as my previous posts mentions), met and hung out with Kate and Rachel who i found through club indie. (i linked to there blogs if you wanna check them out) came back to the room, fell, broke my hand, spent the night in er.

Friday, spent the am in my room trying to rest for a few hours while trying to find someone to put on a cast. went back to the er, grrr. then was so anxious to get out and actually see the town so we went for a drive. it was beautiful out. we stopped at a garage sale (and even nick said it was a good one. i was waiting for him, haha) and spent a dollar on an unopened bag of sea foam green lawn chair webbing, and a mini turquoise bag (maybe 4x4) i want to embellish. we went back to the room for a little bit so nick could do some work. alice in wonderland opened and we both wanted to go. he saw a cool place called living room theater, but by 5ish, all the remaining shows were sold out. so we hit the streets and just walked around downtown til i saw an inviting dive bar called TugBoat brew co. we stopped in for a hummus plate and some drinks. im not a beer drinker but was offered to try the cider which wasnt too bad. we played a game of gin (though i wasnt able to hold all ten cards and arrange them with one hand, so i had them in my lap and even on the table with opponents eyes closed). back on the street we stopped at a place that sold pizza by the slice, but i wasnt impressed with the dry vege variety. after a long day, we walked back to the hotel and called it a night.

they had books, games, and cards

saturday, we went to the saturday market.

at first glance, it says swankey

there was an import side ...

and a handmade side...
(was actually on the other side but the handmade crafters i asked, turned down the photo opt)

with food throughout.

there was live folk music,

some street/break dancers, someone preaching while standing on a plastic crate...and it was right by the river where we watched the draw bridge go up.

after that we found a sunny place on the grass and saw a bag-piper riding a unicycle.

we walked back to the room to get the car and headed out to the Columbia River Gorge.

saw some beautiful waterfalls.

we stopped at an all-you-can-eat indian restaurant on the way back and tried all sorts of new and mostly yummy treats.

we went back to the room early and watched a movie via laptop before bed.

sunday, we decided to head back to tahoe instead of venturing further up north. it took over 13 hours to make it home with 2 stops to eat and a side trip to try and see a lava field (or something). since the trip was cut short, i had plenty of memory space to take a loooonng video of the drive. darn, looks like it's too long to even upload.

note: the photos are a mix of mine and nick's both