Thursday, June 30, 2011

Frolic in the Flowers

That's the title of a painting I've been working on lately. I shared pictures of it a couple months ago, in an early state. I have since then added an element.

I haven't decided if it's 'finished' or not. What do you think?Link

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Travels - Western Kansas

I took the bus out to western Kansas this past weekend to visit my mamma and pick up my car. We had a fun time of garage saling, thrift shopping, getting their adorable pomeranian groomed, surviving an 'almost' breakdown (car not mental) in the 100 degree weather, sewing, and early morning tea time on the patio.

check out their awesome water tower.

Her fun kitchen. I found her the yellow vintage table set a few years ago.

the ducky themed bathroom

yummy fruit cups

Ok, it's pretty unlike me to post pictures or content about dogs. I've never been a big fan. But my mom's dog is super cute.

My mom and Moya on the way to get her groomed. She was a little freaked out.

Look at her cute little foxy face. I think that's one reason I like her so much. I love foxes. She's also tiny which I like and for a little dog, she has a sweet cuddly personality and minimal barking.

A pep talk before she gets handed over for a new do.

The after shots.

Mom also showed me the shop she has some of her things in on consignment.

Lamar, Colorado.

On the drive back, I saw one of these...

and lots of these...

(and smelled lots of these.)

Welcome to western Kansas. haha :)

I am now back in the city and making progress on finding new renters. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snowboarding Video....starring me!

Making a Snowboarding Video has been on my to-do list for quite some time now...originally on my 30 before 31 list and then carried over to my 31 before 32 list.

Well, I finally figured out how to edit video. Quite amateurly done but I'm still proud I was able to figure it out.

Hope you enjoy!

And for all of you lucky people out there enjoying those hot days, maybe this will cool you off.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tuesday Travels - turns Wednesday Travels.

Yep, flying to Wichita, Kansas today from Reno, Nevada. I was suppose to leave yesterday but my flight got canceled. Twice. And the second time they auto-rebooked me to fly out of Chicago instead of Reno. hmmm. That wasn't going to work.

But that's all been straightened out and I'm heading to Kansas today. I'm excited to see everyone. Swim in some warm water lakes. Eat a whole lot of watermelon. Ride my cruiser with my sister (who just got a cruiser of her own) who I haven't ridden bikes with since we were little kids. Get my tan on. Maybe sweat off a few pounds. haha

I'll be touching down tonight around 7:30. Then I'll be giving out free hugs and kisses, folks, so come and get 'em!!

ps. I finally finished my snowboarding video. Woohoo! I started to upload it today, but it's going to take way too many hours to finish here so I'll have to post it tomorrow.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Retro Racks and Aprons

Yesterday, I brought some of my handmade goodies to a local shop called Made in Lake Tahoe. I'm sure I probably mentioned a long time ago, that I made a bunch of retro racks (as I call them), but I don't think I ever shared any pictures of them. Well, today's the day. And I'm also sharing the aprons I made recently.

I got the idea for the Retro Racks a few years back while browsing the kitchen wear section at one of my local thrift stores. I saw these poor forgotten pot lids, orphaned and alone without their mamma pots. I saw such beauty in their fun retro colors, worn tarnished metals, and ornate knobs. So I rescued them. And found them some friends to play with. I created a fun place for them to hang out and show off their beauty. Now, it's time for them to get noticed.

These 9, plus the black/white/silver on aqua board, 3 silver with colored knobs black/blue/red on white board, and the copper/silver/copper on brown board, were chosen first to be offered in the store. (for some reason or another, I don't have 'cute' pictures of the 3 previously mentioned, but here they are before being dropped off yesterday.)

When I was planning the photoshoot for the racks, I knew I needed to find them some pretty duds to wear. I had little time and no sewing machine handy. So I went thrifting. I picked up some tank tops and skirts and even pillow cases. I cut them up and just safety pinned them together. They were a nice splash of extra color... never can have too much! Although, I chose aprons, they also look gorgeous in flowing scarves, fancy hats, and jewelry... ooww and lingerie .

A few weeks ago, I decided to finish the aprons. So happy with how they turned out!

the end :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Secret Beach

I had a great weekend of being in the sunshine. Saturday, Nick and I went on a six hour bike ride. I had only rode my bike 2 times so far this year and was a bit sore, but what a wonderful time in the 65 degree weather. We stopped and had little snacks along the way.

Sunday, we went to the beach with some friends. Lake Tahoe is really high right now with all the recent snow melt so it's pretty chilly... but the water is also very clear and beautiful.

I dipped my toes in, while others were brave enough to actually get in

all the way in!

I think Nick had the right idea with wearing his wet suit.


My girlfriend actually got in and swam around for like 10 or 15 minutes.

The gang.

Not being use to the sunshine, I was out riding my bike in a t-shirt (the first time to be out without a jacket this year) without sunscreen. I got a pretty good sunburn on my arms so I made sure to cover up the next day. Oh well yeah, my legs needed some sunshine. ;)