Friday, August 22, 2014

Tahoe Book Tour

Overall, the book signings have gone really well.

The Bookshelf, Truckee CA

Grassroots, Reno NV

The Bookshelf's booth at Truckee Thursday, Truckee CA

The bookstores and other shops are all so charming.

Ruffles And Ruffnecks, Tahoe City CA

Sundance Books, Reno NV

The Bookseller, Grassvalley CA

Harmony Books, Nevada City CA

The Earth Store, Nevada City CA

We have one last signing scheduled for Saturday in South Lake Tahoe. I hope to see many familiar faces.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tahoe Fun

This past week has been busy with book related business/travel/events as well as some outdoor fun.

I feel very lucky to be staying with the author and his wife in their very Tahoe-y home...

with my very own little loft "apartment" to retreat to each night.

They are letting me borrow a bike (which rides so smooth compared to mine back home). I rode down to Tahoe City the other day to check out the Art Festival and the thrift store.

On the way there, I passed Commons Beach. It was so inviting.

All the families playing and already claiming their spot for the free concert later that afternoon.

I really wanted to go to the concert, but didn't think there would be time due to a book event in another town. I rode back to the house and caught the author heading down to the river for a quick dip... so I threw on my swimsuit and joined him. With a little time to spare, I returned to Commons Beach.

I felt like I was in my painting.

The music was perfect for dancing and I let myself, spinning, and hair flying. The book event that night was fun. A handful of writers read their work, with us being last. The others were all so poetic and grownup with us wrapping up the night with a little Gertrude. Interesting combination, but well received. And I made a few new friends. Love that!

We have also gone kayaking off of Sunnyside, dipped our toes in Donner Lake,

tomorrow we are going canoeing near Bliss then bbqing on the beach, and maybe fit in some tubing down the Truckee River before it's all over. Ah, Tahoe summers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wild Hair Wednesday - Princess Leia Locks

A big twisted bun is my go to in the summer and during activities such as yoga. A bun is perfect for yoga except during Shavasana and shoulder stands. I use to think, "Sweet! Built in pillow." I guess it's really not good for your neck. So I thought I'd try something similar but leave the back of my head less pillow-y with these....

They helped, but next time I might do them a little further forward to open up the back a little more.

It's always fun finding new ways to wear them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My 1st Children's Book

A few years ago while living in Tahoe, I was searching out creative work and stumbled upon a writer meetup. I'm a graphic design and illustrator...writers need me!! and I need them!! So I crashed the writer meetup with homemade carrot cake in hand and was welcomed on all accounts.

One of the writers later asked me to illustrate his children's book, which has been on bucket list since I was a little girl. Well, I said YES, of course! It has been almost three years in the making, but it is finally finished and I am heading to Tahoe today for a book tour around the lake.

Local Author publishes Children’s book about Lake Tahoe.

Gertrude’s Tahoe Adventures in time, a children’s book about the natural history of Lake Tahoe, was recently published. With colorful and dramatic illustrations the book tells the story of Gertrude, a Tahoe girl who meets a magic maiden who takes her on a fast motion adventure through the history of Lake Tahoe. They watch glaciers march, volcanoes erupt and exotic animals graze while becoming forever friends.

Gertrude is authored by long time Tahoe resident Tim Hauserman, who wrote: Tahoe Rim Trail: The official guide for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians, as well as Monsters in the Woods: Backpacking with Children and Cross-country skiing in the Sierra Nevada. The book is illustrated by Jess Bechtelheimer, who worked hundreds of hours to create the incredible paintings which are the backdrop for the book. Hauserman says, “When I first saw the paintings, tears came to my eyes. I felt so lucky that she joined me in the project.”

Hauserman says “the goal for the book is to give both children and adults a fun and accessible introduction to how Tahoe became the unbelievable place it is today.

Bechtelheimer says,“We found a way to celebrate and playfully immortalize this place that we love - for those who call it home and for those of us that can't always be here and instead dream of Tahoe from afar.”

Hauserman and Bechtelheimer will be available to sign copies of Gertrude on:
August 13th at the Bookshelf in Truckee at 6pm.
August 14th at Grassroots Books in Reno at 10:30am-12:30pm,
and Truckee Thursday from 4-6pm.
August 15th at Ruffles and Ruffnecks in Tahoe City from 11am-1pm.
August 16th at Sundance Books in Reno from 3-4:30pm.

August 23rd at Explore Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe (time TBD)

It is available for purchase at The Bookshelf in Truckee; Ruffles and Ruffnecks, The Store and The North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center in Tahoe City; Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach; Sundance Books and Grass Roots Books in Reno, and online.