Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Thursday

Yay! The homemade mannequin works! Here's my first completed piece using it.

I also made this little work of art this week.

And I'm working on these hand painted shoes.

I painted the heels aqua (like the toes), but not sure what else to paint there. My thoughts so far... 'spunki' on the left one and 'doodle' on the right. =) I could leave it blank and let the buyer pick something. Or maybe a lady bug on one and a patch of grass on the other? What do you guys suggest I paint on it? I also haven't decided what I'm doing with the inward facing side. I did the outward facing side stripes. Should I paint the inward side the same, leave it solid brown (as it is now), or something else all together?

Update: The heels now have ladybugs playing in the grass, and I've added the mushroom shoes and the apron top to my etsy shop

Thursday, May 24, 2012

homemade mannequin

Sewing without a pattern is a little tricky without a dress form or mannequin. I try to pin it on myself, look in the mirror, and then carefully take it off ... usually, having to repeat a few times. The vision is a bit lost during this lengthy process.

A mannequin has been on my want list for a few years now. An adjustable dress form would be the most helpful, but a mannequin will still work for now. Well, the pricing for a new one is a bit more than I can spare, and used ones are hard to come by around here. So I made one out of wire, industrial strength duct tape, glue, and newspaper.

It's by no means perfect, but I think I can get some use out of it.

Next, I need to figure out how to attach it to this stand. If it works out well, it might get a new paint job.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ring of Fire

Lake Tahoe was one of the lucky places to be to view the solar eclipse yesterday.

 A bunch of friends and I hiked up to the mountain ridge to view it high above the lake. Someone made a view finder out of beer boxes and duct tape. It totally worked. =)

We also had a pair of welding goggles we passed around. I tried taking a picture using the goggles as a filter, but it didn't capture the eclipse.

 Then I tried using my sunglasses as a filter. You can actually see 2 eclipses, one on either side of the actual eclipse (bright spot). One at 2 o'clock and an inverted one at 7 o'clock.

Here's a similar view with no filter.

It was a beautiful day and a fun evening of barbequing.

Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash on Grooveshark

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tuesday Travels - Hawaii finale

When I read about this hike I was really hoping mom would be up for it. There were a few shorter hikes we could have done, but this one sounded so awesome. Here's a blurp. "This idyllic 1.8 mile trail unfolds alongside a string of (many more than seven) pools and waterfalls framed by the lush green diversity of the lush tropical rainforest. The dramatic diversity then suddenly morphs into the zen-oneness of an immense bamboo forest. Once released from the bamboo, you’re dropped at the very base of a towering sheer-cliff waterfall worthy of a slow-motion Imax fly-by."

Mom said she was up for it!

Day 5: We started the short drive around 7am to beat the crowds to the trail head and ideally enjoy this hike in solidarity...with each other. =) The drive to the park was so pretty.

There were only 2 cars in the parking lot when we arrived. Yay! Now if we can only keep a steady pace, we'll be able to stay ahead of late comers.

The Pipiwai Trail at Haleakala National Park is a 3.6 mile round trip.

This is what the trail looked like when we set out. (Though it was quite a muddier coming back.)

Isn't this tree amazing!?! If I wasn't feeling pressed by the imagined mob of people on their way, I totally would have taken a leisurely climb on her.

It was pretty darn magical just being there and admiring her beauty alone. In silence. I sent out my love and continued on.

Entering the Bamboo Forest.

(It was a little difficult to get clear pictures in here. I think it was all the vertical lines.=) )

This might put it in perspective. See how tiny mom is?

Almost there. We got our feet wet walking across the stream. It felt really good.

The prize at the end of the journey was a bit disappointing. I think it was hyped up too much, first by what I'd read and then by me to mom. It was a big waterfall, and better than just coming to a dead end and having to turn around. But honestly, the smaller ones along the trail were much prettier. My advice is to take your time and enjoy the smaller ones along the way.

What really mattered, was we made it!! Together.

Now for the 1.8 miles back. It must have rained while we were on the trail because it had gotten muddier. Mom did slip a couple times but luckily only got muddy. And here come all the hikers. We timed it perfect!

Our new mission was to find a fairly accessible pool to soak in and relax. We ended up taking the extra half mile loop at the end, with the promise of a beautiful pool awaiting us.





oh yes!


Total bummer.
After 4 miles of hiking, we jumped back in the car. Charles Lindbergh's grave was near by so we went to check it out.

Back in the car again, we were both still determined to find a pool. Not that we don't love waves most days, but we were just looking to chill. We started driving up and down the streets in search of the Venus Pools I had heard about, though could not find an address for. After driving back and forth way too many times, we went back to the room and decided to just walk out to the beach there. It was rocky and we had to climb around to see if there were any hidden pools. Mom stopped at a teeny tiny puddle and decided that was good enough for her. I kept exploring but came to a dead end there. I headed back and then just kept going. I was wearing only my swim suit and carrying a towel. I walked back to the road and kept going. Venturing down private driveways in search of these hidden pools. Finally reached Hana Bay. And kept going. Stumbled onto a primitive trail and took it. Found caves, and a tiny red beach, crabs, and eventually... the most beautiful spot. There was a little island that was fairly close to shore which sheltered the waters. There were larger crabs and fish swimming. Oh how I wanted to just jump in with them. But I didn't. I was alone and really couldn't be sure of dangers. If something happened to me, no one would be able to find me. I played it safe, sitting on the rocks and splashing my legs in it. I vowed to return to this spot WITH SOMEONE if I ever make it back to Hana. I made it back just before dark. I think we were both in bed by 8. =)

Day 6: Our last full day on the island. We left early to make the journey back toward the airport. I found a really cool hostel near there to round out the spectrum of experiences. From resorty to b&b to old school vacation rental to the hostel, we enjoyed them all. And just in case we had gotten our fill, we stopped at a few more beaches along the way there.  

Wainapanapa Black Sand Beach

Ho'okipa Beach ... famous for kite boarding and wind surfing.

Since we did so well eating up the groceries, it was time for a special treat. 
Mama's Fish House. 


There was a beautiful white sand beach right outside the restaurant. 

We checked in to the hostel, into a girls only room that had 2 bunk beds. The bottom 2 beds were both already taken so mom and I were both bunkin up top. Thank goodness she didn't try to go the bathroom in the middle of the night.We had a relaxing evening in the hot tub and then hung out and played cards among the buzz of others bbq-ing, talking, and playing pool around us. There was a familiar community vibe that I loved bringing mom into. And she seemed to enjoy it. 

Day 7: We flew back to California and had a nice evening together. 

The next morning, mom flew back to Kansas with a few more things checked off her bucket list.