Wednesday, February 24, 2010

leg warmers!!!

ok so this is something ive had up my sleeve for the last couple weeks. and today i finally sewed my first one! seriously, i haven't even sewed the pair to this one yet. im just so excited that it turned out cute and that i actually finished one that i couldnt wait to post it. ok craziness started to subside. lol.

here she is! (i took the photos myself while wearing it, as you can probably tell)

its snowing

Although some of you are tired of winter and don't care for snow (can you believe it?), around here it's all the rage. The mountain was needing some, so bring. it. on.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back online

Yeah, I got my computer back so I can stop posting with my phone. I have quite a bit to share, but maybe not all at once. uh... let's see.

immediately after this post im going snowboarding for the 15th time. exactly half way through my goal. i have finally started consistently putting turns together. i still fall on my butt here and there, but someone told me "that just means your trying." sounds good to me :)

i have joined an INDIE BUSINESS CLASS being taught by three indie business owners. one of them is Elsie (one of my "models/mentors"). if you would like to join, here's the info/link.

and the last tid bit for now is ... ROAD TRIP! we are heading out next wednesday, march 3rd. we will be heading up to portland, or and then seattle, wa and if my step sister and family are around, hopefully BC. i have never been to any of these places so i am so excited. we are sort of scouting out our next city to live.

off to ride! kisses from tahoe

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thrifting in Sacramento

Recently, we drove to Sacramento for the day. Nick did a little work and then went rock climbing with some friends. I spent the whole day thrifting! I love discovering new places to ravage. I only made it to 3 places. Here are just a couple pics from Thrift Town.

I was missin my cowboy boots. Mine are back in Kansas in storage. I didn't buy these. They wanted $20 for them and I already have 3... or is it 4 pairs.

These cuties I did purchase. Actually a half size big, but I love them so. I figure if they tend to flop around, I'll just attached a strap and make them mary janes.

This is another item I didn't buy. I just wanted to say "hey, look. A clothing brand called scrapbook. And the fabric is so cute like scrapbook paper."

I hope to make some money from the 6 other bags of stuff I brought home. Time to get to work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

computer on the fritz

Sorry I have been absent. My computer died and yesterday it got shipped back to the manufacturer for repair. Not sure how much longer I'll be without it. These blogs from my phone are a little limited as far as goog pictures go. I guess I can tell you that when my computer returns, I have some fun things to share =)
Have a great week everyone! Jess