Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuesday Travels - Mendocino, CA

I had hoped to have this ready by Tuesday, but that obviously didn't happen. And instead of having you wait until next week, I'm posting it now. So in the spirit of Tuesday Travels....

To pick up where I left off, I spent last Thursday night in Sacramento with family and then we left Friday morning for Mendocino. We got stuck in traffic which added an hour to the trip. And although driving through the mountains is pretty, I don't do so well stuck in the back seat while driving fast on a really long windy road. I was care sick on both the ride in and out of there. No fun!

We were all ready to get out of the car by the time we finally got there. Friday we explored the shops and town in general.

There were these cute water towers everywhere. Some were in peoples back yards set up as guest houses.

Some were mingled in with other shops.

And were shops themselves.

  Inside one of the water towers.

There were quaint little courtyards between the shops so you could zigzag back and forth without having to walk in the street or circle a block.


One of the many cute houses in the town. So what do you think, should I move to Mendocino?

This place is for sale. =) hehe. You know, if it came with the camper, I'd probably be pretty happy here.

Saturday- We started the morning with a fun little back ways hike to the dog park.


I had a staring contest with a crab.

Then explored Glass Beach.

Had a picnic lunch before checking out the light house.

Then headed to the tide pools to catch the low tide.


This was my first time exploring tide pools. I learned what sea animities are and how fun (and gross) it is to poke them. 

We were climbing over, around and through rocks all the while hauling this little guy around with us. We just played Pass the Pup when things got tricky. 

 We were super happy when we started spotting star fish.


We kept trying to pry them off the rocks. This was the only one we were able to pick up, probably because he was preoccupied eating a snail.

 Back on dry land.

There was also a seal haul out near by (where mammas go to give birth). We ran over there to get a quick look at the babies.

And we packed all that in by 7pm. You'd believe I was ready to pass out that I stopped in the hotel lobby and enjoyed a half cup of decaf before dinner, shower, and bed....well, it gave me enough umph to make it through watching "Water for Elephants"... and then to sleep.

Sunday, we ate breakfast at a Wizard of Oz themed diner. Funny how this Kansas girl finds herself in California with menu items such as "Flying Monkey Potatoes".

And if you need to use the restroom, you exit (by way of the kitchen) out the back door, along the yellow brick....wall, to the Emerald City out house. Yes, I used it. It's all part of the experience. =)

We then made our way back to Sac, stopping at a few yard sales along the way.

I got loaded up in my car and found my way to REI before heading back to Tahoe.