My Story

I'm crazy about: bicycles (esp. vintage and cruisers), thrift shopping, garage saling (looove a good bargain and I'm not afraid to ask for one =D), farmer's markets, art, traveling/exploring new places, experimental cooking, making new friends, climbing trees, playing in the water (warm water that is), live music in small casual settings, dancing, healthy flavorful food, and playing board games with my family.

I'm determined to create and sustain the life I've always dreamed of ..... painting, designing, illustrating... repurposing the forgotten/neglected items of our lives into new favorites again... nourishing my body with all that it needs, but not depriving myself of something I really enjoy. It's all balance and moderation... staying active by having fun and playing. Going to the gym just isn't my idea of a good time, so playing outdoors is my way of staying healthy and has truly become a way of life.

This is the place I share all these things and more. Join me on my journey, I'd love to have you.