Friday, April 30, 2010

Featured Friend Friday

Howdy. I'm back in Wichita KS for a visit and have been hanging out with my friend Travis. We met about 8 (wow!) years ago in college. He has a BA in Graphic Design and a BA in Computer Science, but is also a painter and photographer. So, I want to give some love to my friend and share his work with you.

It's pretty fitting that this is being posted on a Friday and of all Fridays... Final Friday. For those that live in Wichita (or other cities who have a similar monthly event), know that Final Friday is a city-wide gallery crawl. Travis is showing some of his work tonight (as he often does), and in addition to that, he has work on display at three other locations in Wichita and two in Eldorado KS.

here's the down and dirty.

Travis Hinnen
graphic design, artist/painter, and photographer

"Kanza" is one of his popular digital pieces. A Wichita woman recently purchased this print to give as a gift to her husband who is being deployed. She hopes it will remind him of home while he is away.

Description of his process for his digital pieces: "i decide which elements i wish to photograph and then which of those go together to create a stronger piece"... he then does his Photoshop magic and has them Lamin-printed. Lamin prints are an alternative to framing. They are "timelessly sealed, glare-proof and washable." It allows the photo to be ready to hang as well as protects it from UV rays. (translation: the print is adhered to a board that has a notch on the back for easy hanging and coated to protect the image from the elements.)

"Kernel" is my favorite digital piece. I just love the colors and the visual texture.

Travis' main camera: Canon digital Rebel XSI

here's one of his Jackson Pollock-like paintings

These are some of my favorite photos he's taken

he likes to collect: Vintage Cameras

here's a couple of his toy models

left: 4 lens 4 color 35 mm camera
right: Mego medium format camera(diana knockoff)

he's current obsession: 120 medium format square pics

If you are in the Wichita area tonight, come see Travis at the Old Town Ballroom. If you miss him tonight, you can find him at Twist on May 15th and at his solo show May 28th at Jones Gallery.

so find him....befriend him...i did :)
web site:

thanks, Travis! see you tonight

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Our friend Mark is learning to Hang Glide. I've always wanted (and believed for most of my life that I could) fly. It was my first time watching someone hang glide...well, practicing anyway. Mark is just starting out and hasn't actually glided on his own yet. I'll keep ya posted, though.

So here is how it went.

and here's his first attempt.

whoops! ha ha. oh, just wait...he's gonna get it. hope i'm there to see it.

watching made me excited and nervous at the same time because i think i want to try it someday. aahh, to be wild and free :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday Travels

I am truely traveling this Tuesday. Going back to Kansas for my nephew's birthday. I also hope to see my friends, go to Final Friday, and jam out at String Break while I'm there. If you plan to attend either, let me know... I could use a ride ;)

(from the 1st String Break)

So leaving the house at 3am (fingers crossed) to be at the Sacramento airport by 5:30am. And my generous sister will be picking me up in Wichita around 1ish. I can't wait to kiss these cuties cheeks.

Media Monday - Split Lip Rayfield

This coming weekend I will be attending String Break for the 5th year in a row. It is a MEMORIAL MUSIC FESTIVAL for KIRK RUNDSTROM. Kirk was the lead singer of Split Lip Rayfield until he died in 2007 of esophageal cancer. The year he was diagnosed, String Break was conceived as a fund raiser to help with his medical bills. String Break has continued every year as a memorial and to raise money for his daughters' future, other musicians in need of medical assistance, and medical research.

A 'memorial' might sound kind of solemn, but everyone has a kick-ass time on the farm! Folk, blue grass, speed blue grass and the like play from 2pm til about midnight. Once the official music stops, the band members and audience mingle around fires, talkin and jammin til the whee hours of the night. Those who want to camp, crash there til the morning.

There are a bunch of bands playing at String Break, but just in case you haven't even heard of SLR, here is a taste. Seriously one of my favorite bands for years so it was hard to narrow it down to only 25 (btw, not all my faves were available on GroveShark... that should tell you they write and play a lot of hits).

If anyone is in the Newton or Wichita KS area this weekend, you should go! and don't forget to come say hi :) They are touring all over the USA so check out their site to see if they'recoming to your area soon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

the Sunday Special

I made a couple new dishes this week, but they were both with zucchini and I didn't think you were ready for another zucc recipe. I ended up trying a zucchini sauce which was tasty, but a little runny to just put over pasta. We were slurping it off our plates. I also went ahead and made the other zucchini tart dish I mentioned last week. This second one was much more savory, but I think I'll wait a few weeks at least before sharing it.

I'm working on a big photo montage that I want to share with you soon. I'm missing a few photos so I've been waiting for a trip back home to hopefully find the missing pieces.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Featured Friends Friday

My Indie Biz class recently ended which makes me a little sad, because it was such a great experience. Through the class, I have made some new Indie Biz friends and want to give some of them a little shout out. Katie Joy and Rachel live in Portland and I got to hang out with them during my visit there. The rest of the girls I hope to some day make my 'real life friends' too. For now, I'm stalking their blogs. Wanna join me =)

Katie Joy



Urban Farm Designs



BP ad badge

Heidi pumpkin pie




Kayla Aimee



pretty simple art



A group of us are also trying to rally up the West Coast girls to have a fun Indie Biz Girl Retreat. Any fellow IB girls (regardless of where you live as long as you don't mind the travel) are welcome to join us. (contact me here or respond in the forum created in Club Indie.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Project Thursday

Well, my project today is not really something I can photographically share with you yet, so I'm including my workspace instead (yes, the kitchen table). I am working on my website... Since I'm just starting out, I am also building my identity. I love helping others to start up their businesses... creating a name, picking colors, deciding on a feel, what products to offer, designing a physical environment, print materials, etc, but it seems a little harder with my own business. It's taking a whee bit longer than I'd hoped, but I'm on it.

snow, snow, and A NEW PAINTING

Snow snow and more snow. Yep, these pictures were seriously taken today... right outside our door. (I actually didn't even go outside to take them.) And if you can believe it, it's. still. snowing.

I also have a new painting to share with you. My first broken handed painting adventure.

I am a little embarrassed of my work/studio (if I dare say studio) space here in Tahoe, but I thought you might never-the-less enjoy a couple photos of it.

Yes, between the fireplace and the TV... more like under the TV. If that shelf gives way while I'm painting, I'm a goner. Well, probably not, cuz if you take a look at the layer of dust on that surface, you'd guess I wasn't painting there recently. Nope, this little 'e' was painted right down on the floor in front of it. I have painted at the table though. I stacked the furniture (it came with the apartment) to increase the storage space, but the end table was still too short to paint at. It was suggested to use cans (yep, cans of beans to be exact) to prop up another surface to paint on. It's worked pretty good actually, still can't put my legs under the table but I'm a good straddler.
Thought I better get a couple pictures taken before those cans go bye-bye. Gonna make chili tomorrow and warm up with all this snow. Honestly, I don't mind the snow. It's really pretty. I should go play in it before it's gone. (and i can't hold in my excitement... im actually typing this with 2 hands. and not pecking with one finger either. im starting to heal. im still taking it slow and gentle but progressing)

Alright, I hope that makes you either grateful for the space you have or if you're in a similar situation, feel better knowing you're not alone.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wild Wednesday ...on Unschooling

(my nephew)

Wild Wednesday is a time to share adventures, activities, and exploration.
Today's Wild Wednesday is the exploration of life and learning through the idea of 'Unschooling'. This might be a random topic for some, but I have family and friends who have been 'home schooled' and/or are 'home schooling' their children. Most of us should be able to relate to being 'schooled' in one fashion or another. This post is actually about 'un-schooling' though, and I'm quite intrigued by the idea.

Sara over at Walk Slowly Live Wildly is unschooling her children and blogged about it recently. If you have children, want children, are a teacher, etc... you should check it out. I watched the hour long video she included, and I have to say, it is worth your time. Listen to it while you make dinner or something if you don't have an hour to sit still.

Some day I hope to have little ones and I'm drawn to this new (to me) concept.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

its snowing

Just when you think it's Spring, mother nature throws you a fast one. Yes, it is snowing right now! Surprisingly it feels pretty good to open the door and feel the cool breeze, but I'm staying inside today none-the-less. I have the place to myself and plan to do some creating...probably wont even get out of my pjs. hehe. yay for days alone creating!!

Tuesday Travels

This past weekend we hit the road to attend a wedding at a summer camp. This is the coolest camp ever. Granted this was my first time ever to be at camp, but seriously it's awesome. There is an endless list of activities for the kids and their families. We even had the opportunity to join in the activities ourselves. After spending a few hours on their website, drooling over the healthy food they serve and day dreaming about teaching art and really impacting young minds, I was considering applying to work there this summer. However, the hand is not going to be healed in time. But! You've gotta take a look at the experience they are offering here. Seriously great!

Here are some of the pictures from our weekend at Camp Augusta near Nevada City, CA.

we took a little hike to the near by river

yes the water was blue green

nick learning to walk on the slack line

guests playing on the silks

we stayed in Pine and chose the enclosed cabin in the middle. no electricity so head lamps were essential. each cabin sleeps 6 and we choose to bunk up with others (all strangers to me). It was pretty cool...and i mean 'cool' temperature wise for sleeping, too, but during the day the weather was just perfect.

gathered moss found on site was used as table decor

and these baby goats were so cute and friendly. i couldn't believe how soft their coats were compared to mature goats.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Media Monday - deadmau5

Media Monday (aka Music/Movie Monday) is a place for me to share music, movies, books, and more that I have recently encountered (and maybe a few old school favorites from time to time).

Today, I'm featuring a musician that I was introduced to and boogied down to at a wedding reception over the weekend.

Listen to ----> deadmau5 (pronounced 'dead mouse') for free.
at the top of their site is a player. if you dont see it right away, just click on the blue and black bars.