Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Travels

This past weekend I went camping near Fall River in Kansas. My was it beautiful. Some parts of the trip I was "ah, Kansas." and other times I was, "this is Kansas?".

Nick's family traditionally camps there during 'black powder' season in hopes of bringing home some tasty deer. I didn't see any deer, but enjoyed some time around the campfire and driving around exploring the area.

car camping... totally kansas


mud puddles...yes, kansas

kansas sunset

huge lawn art for sale... for reals, it's kansas

ah, yes.

this is totally Kansas

wow, this is kansas?

ok, i believe it.

walking in a soy bean field... yep! we are in kansas.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the cutest little...

the cutest little FOR RENT sign I ever did see.

hehe... and but of course, I made it :)


I haven't been to Botanica in years. So it was nice to stroll through the flowers and trees last night.

(anybody know what this humming bird-like insect is?
they sure were going to town on these flowers)

Well if you are in the Wichita area, you should check out Botanica's live music on Tuesday nights. They have drinks available for purchase plus you can bring your own picnic dinner.

Good Bye Summer! I love you. mwah!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

new Monkey Painting

I went baby shower shopping this weekend and saw a couple wooden wall art pieces on the registry. And of course :) I thought to myself, I can do that! So off to Hobby Lobby I went. I bought a wooden plaque with routed edges and since most of my art supplies are in storage in Tahoe, I picked up some brushes and paint. I texted my friend... 'turtle, monkey, or elephant'. After her initial 'what?', she replied 'monkey' and I got to work.

I'm (and the parents of the wee little one who's room this will be hung in are) very pleased with the finished piece.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Pictures

The celebrating was nice and spread out with multiple birthday lunches and get-togethers with friends and family. I had lunch with my friend Ann last week and had lobster!

(yes...it's 90 degree weather in Kansas, but we were freezing inside the restaurant)

I like to set out my cards and gifts :)

On my birthday, I had lunch in the park with my sister (and quite a few hungry ducks)

I went to Zoobilee for the first time ever.

lots of yummy food

oh my! and this massage was awesome!

a few furry friends

i wore this cute early 80's dress i found at a garage sale the day before.

I had a fun birthday filled with yummy food, being outdoors, and good music.

Sunday, I had chocolate cake with fudge frosting with the family.

And then this week I had lunch with my friend Steve.

Man was I spoiled :)
Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Year

Another year older. Another year of goals.
Yesterday was my 31st birthday so I'm looking over my list of goals I set this past year. I actually didn't write and post these goals until January, so this year I want to get started on them right away.

Although I didn't accomplish all my 30 before 31 goals, I am going to review them here anyway.

30 things before I'm 31

1. design/launch my website <---- I bought spunkidoodle.com! I have 'designed' it but have not BUILT it yet. The technical part is what I'm working on now.
2. redesign blog and make it public <---- I made it public in March. I have designed my website so the blog will probably look similar.
3. start selling on etsy.com <---- man, I was really hoping I could say 'yes, I am' by now, but I have just a few more things to do before opening it...such as product photo shoots, etc.
4. sell a painting to a stranger. <---- hmmm. well, I was commissioned to design an illustration for someone, does that count? :)
5. write and illustrate a children's book <---- nope. didn't do this one.
6. be in a craft/handmade (ie Renegade Handmade)/art show <---- I was not 'in' one, but I did get to attend Renegade Handmade for the first time and meet this awesome lady!
7. sew a dress via a pattern <---- nope. still on my list.
8. grandma's cookbook <---- nope. didn't do this one.
9. learn to snowboard <---- Yes! but I'm still not very good
10. get dreads <---- Yes!!!!
11. visit 3 new places/states <---- Since my birthday last year.... I was in the Outer Banks, NC for my birthday. Lived in Asheville, NC for 3 months. Visited New York City for the first time. Checked out Charelston, SC. Moved to Tahoe (Stateline, NV) in January. On the drive out there, I got to spend some time in NM and AZ. Did quite a bit of thrift shopping in Sacramento, CA. Shouted out Portland, OR (it was suppose to be Portland, Seattle, and BC but I broke my hand in Portland and had to cut the trip short). Went on a road trip with my cousin to San Francisco, Paso Robles, Morro Bay, and San Luis Obispo. Camped at Yosemite National Park for the first time. And then I lived in Nevada City, CA at a summer camp for a month. So not only did I visit way more than 3 new places/states, I lived in 4 states this past year (yeah 4, 'cause I also lived in Kansas for a month during the holidays).
12. get a stamp in my passport/visit Niecey <---- This trip was cut short. We made it to Portland (less than 5 hrs from the border), but a couple factors changed our plans. Niecey was sick and thought we should plan the visit for another time... plus I broke my hand and needed to get home to find someone to put a cast on it. So this one is still on my list.
13. handmade Christmas (& probably bdays) <---- Yep.
14. collect cool glasses and vintage fabric <---- oh yes.
15. make new friends <---- awww. I sure did. Some Indie Biz friends. Some Tahoe Friends. And my Camp Augusta friends/family. And a few others.
16. make an ear or neck warmer <---- no, but I made this instead.
17. fill all the frames and canvases that left Asheville with me <---- ha, ha. I gave them a run for their money. Here are some of the paintings I've done.
18. visit Sarah G. <---- I met up with her at Yosemite, but it didn't work out to go see her place in Mendocino.
19. reach day 30 of snowboarding <---- I passed the half way mark and then broke my hand. So sad to miss out on the second half of the season and my chance to get good at it, But it was super fun while it lasted.
20. me on video -----^ <---- Yes, from the beginning, but I was waiting to get a little better before I did another one.
21. learn to sew a button hole <---- the need never came up so I didn't even try.
22. eat something new <---- I tried quite a few new foods this year, with my favorite being beets!
23. find 5-10 mentors and keep up with what they are doing/accomplishing <---- Yes. I made a lot of new friends through the Indie Biz class I took. Plus the 3 teachers are so inspiring. Plus I even got to meet my #1 mentor/model.
24. learn flash <---- I read the e-manual and worked through a ton of the tutorials, but I dont feel like I have really learned flash. I need to be using it to feel like I know it.
25. make some promotional clothing <---- no. not yet anyway.
26. decorate my snowboard &/or jacket <---- I didn't bother because I realized that it could decrease their performance.
27. a fun photoshoot <---- oh, probably. right now, I'm looking forward to a photo shoot with my friend in exchange for this painting.
28. write up my business plan. <---- yes. it's evolving
29. make a grocery bag <---- no. I might still do this, but I actually received a few free ones already that I didn't 'need' to make one.
30. volunteer to design/paint, etc. <---- Yes. I volunteered a whole month of my life at Camp Augusta. I got to design and paint and be crafty! Plus I got to teach others those things, too.

A few other things I did this year that I am proud of...I did the high zip line in the dark. I survived the Canoggan. I road the Amtrak for the first time (actually 2 times...and by myself...and the first time was with a broken hand.) I found and had the best tenants ever. I took an online Indie Biz class from one of my business models and stayed on track with the assignments even though I had a broken hand the entire course....taking notes and doing assignments left handed. I finished a painting with my broken hand and was contacted the next day asking if it was for sale or trade. I learned to fly a kite. I completed some respectably long hikes at Yosemite. I'll probably think of more later.

I am in the process of accomplishing some current goals and consolidating a master list of them all. I also have some cute birthday photos to share, some garage sale finds, and more.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

the Sunday Special - Yogurt Making

I recently discovered that my friend Meg makes her own YOGURT and decided to spend the afternoon with her to see how that process works.

Yogurt Recipe
1 3/4 gals of Organic Milk
1 cup plain organic starter yogurt

The Yogurt Making Process
Gradually heat the milk until it reaches about 200 degrees and bring just to a boil.
Fill the sink or a larger bowl/basin full of cool water and place the pot of milk into it to cool down to about 110 degrees.
Ladle about 1 cup of cooled milk into a bowl and add the cup of starter yogurt. Mix well so that no lumps remain.
Stir the starter mix into the pot of milk.
Ladle the mixture into canning jars and cover with lids.
Place jars into a dehydrator set to 117 degrees for about 3 to 3 1/2 hours.
Remove jars from the dehydrator and immediately transfer them to the refrigerator.
Let cool and enjoy :)