Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snowshoeing and Splitboarding

We received some fresh snow cover this past weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. New snow over Memorial Weekend. With all the food I had consumed, I was ready to get out and get some exercise. I had never snowshoed or splitboarded before so I suggested a hike. We grabbed our gear and headed to the resort (no longer running/open, but still an accessible mountain great for these activities...and snowboarding).

I started snowshoeing first. It was a little awkward because I had to step with my legs farther apart so I wouldn't knock the shoes together each time. It didn't feel very natural, but was definitely easier to walk up the mountain with them then without them.

Then we switched, I tried skinning up on the splitboard. A splitboard looks like skies that you can put skins on and climb/hike up in. Then when you get to the top, you reconfigure it into what looks and functions like a snowboard. It was pretty fun climbing in them. I only slid a couple times on some really steep parts, but powered through them and got to the top.

Here we are at the summit.

It was really foggy out so it's hard to make out the valley below, but we still appreciated 'the view'. While we were getting everything ready to come down, it got really cold all of a sudden and started snowing.

Nick used the splitboard coming down and I used my snowboard that he was so considerate to carry up for me.

I was a little sore the next day, but not bad. It felt good to burn some calories from all the holiday eatin' :) psst... more on that during the next 'Sunday Special' post

Monday, May 30, 2011

Media Monday - Nicola Conte

I recently discovered Nicola Conte, an "Italian DJ, producer, guitarist, and bandleader, known initially for introducing an innovative style of acid jazz that incorporates bossa nova themes, melodies drawn from Italian film scores of the 1960s, easy listening themes, and ethnic Indian music." (quoted from Wikipedia).

In my words, it's a nice relaxing yet upbeat listen while easing into your Sunday morning. I know it's Monday, but it feels like a Sunday. :)

Happy Memorial Day!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oh Spring, where art thou

It's snowing right now as I type this. Not too unusual for Tahoe this time of year, especially where we live at about 7500 feet. I guess some soft wet snow is better than the tornadoes back home in the midwest.

For a good dose of 'sunshine', I've been making smoothies and sewing brightly colored fabrics.

(taken a couple days ago when the sun was shining)

An update on how the 'Painting What You Love' project is coming along. I have shared this project with 6 classes so far, with 7 more classes to go! Totally loving it!

this gives me the biggest smile.

The teacher wrote down the artists' thoughts on their paintings. This particular school has a Two Way Immersion program. Both of these classes are Spanish Immersion classes so the explanation is in Spanish (which I don't speak a lick of). Luckily, the children speak English as their first language and understood everything I said.

1. Una tortuga nadando con una sirena. 2. Unos diferentes colores con un corazon.

She wrote this one is English. Not only is this little boy a great little artist but his description is exceptional. "I was motorcycling and the dinosaur was chasing me and I jumped right in the air." hehe so cute.

"Una estrella que brinco del oceano."

The colors in this one make me happy. She mixed her own pink, purple, and orange right on her paper.

The morning classes paintings were mostly dry by the end of the day so I stayed and mounted them. These 3 are my favorites from this class. Top left is a mermaid. Top right is a barn. And the bottom one is a girl bicyclist in Paris. Yes, that's the Eiffel Tower...she thought of that all on her own.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project Thursday - sewing

Yesterday, I mentioned my new friend Joy who has gotten me involved with Bringing Arts to Schools. In our initial 'getting to know each other' session, I discovered that Joy was a fashion designer... in New York! I mentioned to her I was attempting to sew my very first dress from a pattern and was already getting lost in the vocabulary used in the instructions. Joy, being the giving person that she is, offered to giving me 'sewing lessons'. eeee!

I received my first lesson this week. I have all the pieces cut out and I'm heading to Carson City today to find a coordinating zipper and some interfacing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bringing Art To Schools

I don't know if it is all of California or just in this county, but art has not been part of the curriculum for years (so I've been told). How sad! Art, of course, was one of my very favorite parts of school. Well, a few other people agree it's pretty sad and started BATS, oh I don't know how many years ago.

Well, a couple weeks ago, I met Joy, the director of BATS and she asked me to join the Visiting Artist Program. Hmmm, let's see. Painting. With Kids. And I get Paid? Um, YEAH!

So I pitched her a few different ideas for projects and we decided to start with "Paint What You Love". She sent the idea out to the teachers and I have received such a huge response back. I have 13 teachers requesting that I come paint with their class! So exciting! Last week, I taught my first class.

These are the paintings I bring to class to show the kids my style and hopefully inspire them.

We discuss what 'abstract' means.

My "Elephant in Rollerskates" was the painting that gave me the idea for this project. We brainstorm all their favorite things, favorite places, activities, etc. I have them pick 5 (or less for the little'ns) and create a scene or story with them.

And today, I finished my 3rd and 4th classes. Here's some of their creations.

The teacher and the helper also got into it. They painted the top 2 little ones.

Seriously, this is an awesome gig! Totally loving it!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Media Monday - movies

It was cold and snowy this weekend, so besides finishing my book, we fit in quite a few movies.

The Princess and the Frog = Magical! Disney's still got it. Floating down the swamp reminded me of the Jungle Book (1967), one of my childhood favorites.

Easy A = The girl in this film has the best-est parents ever! They were hilarious and down to earth. The story kept my attention... so much that I forgot all about the freshly baked cookies cooling on the stove. Now that's captivating. :)

How to Train Your Dragon = I thought this one would be boring, but I enjoyed it. The boys relationship with the dragon was sweet. Plus, it indulged my fascination for flying.

and Bunny and the Bull = British film. The plot was so-so, but the artistic way it was shot and the props/stage created made it worth watching.

I'll sign off with this little bit of magic.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bicycle Art

South Lake Tahoe is hosting the AMGEN Tour of California. It's a bicycle race/tour of California, and it all starts here, today, right now. I made some bicycle art using maps of Lake Tahoe, and it's hanging in the window at the Art Center.

Oh, and those poor cyclist. It's 30 degrees and snowing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Travels - Feather Falls, CA

We went backpacking this weekend and ended up hiking about 10-12 miles.

Nick teased me, saying my outfit made me look like a boyscout.

This was our awesome campsite.

Right next to the Fall River. (which supplied us with ample white noise for sleeping)

Have I mentioned before that I'm a pyro?

I toasted my pb&j :)
It was quite tasty.

The next morning, we decided to head over to the waterfall before breakfast and beat all the day hikers. We had the whole place to ourselves AND there was a RAINBOW!!

Feather Falls

Our friends Will and Natalie and their 2 dogs Lilly and Ziggy. Thanks for coming guys!

Another great backpacking trip!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I'm actually camping right now, but wanted to make sure my momma got some love on Mother's Day.

my sister and mom

me and my momma

yes, i found it! haha, check out our couch

mom, me, and my big sister
this time i think it's my aunt's couch :)

back when we were both still teenagers. poor mom

Sorry, Mom, I'm no where near a phone to call you. Hope you are having a lovely day!