Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Travels: The World of Imagination

Like lots of kids, my nephew loves to play dress up. Last year for his birthday, I took an old suitcase and filled it with accessories he could piece together to create different disguises.

(Doesn't he make a cute little pilot?)

The party was held at the aviation museum so the suitcase and custom luggage tag fit the airplane theme quite well.  

It included a curly wig (the best one I could find in my price range), but it was the comb kind which doesn't quite stay in with a buzz cut. I thought ahead this year and went shopping right as the Halloween costumes were put out. I found all sorts of fun ones. So he received 3 new wigs for his birthday this year, and I just couldn't resist playing dress up with him.

Masquerading Muscle Man

Mr. Man

NYC Punk Rockin' Artist

Super Heroine

Mr Man looks quite adorable and convincing as a Little Miss. And I was happy the wigs fit him so nicely.

The little blonde girl my sister always wanted!!