Wednesday, August 3, 2011

photo shoot of Walter

I am now in Kansas City, but for the past few weeks I was staying with friends in Wichita, Kansas. Their cutie pie of a son turned 8 months old and needed some pictures taken to document that cuteness!

First we took some at a local baseball game.

with daddy

and sissy

with mommy

the whole family

and even with me!

Then around their yard.

And these last one's were taken at a local park fountain. Boy did I get drenched! Thank goodness for waterproof cameras. :)


  1. He is SO SO cute!! looks like you're enjoying your time in KS! :

  2. Great pictures! Notice Walter is only smiling when you held him!

  3. he's probably smiling the biggest in that photo because his big sis is being silly to encourage him.