Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tahoe Fun

This past week has been busy with book related business/travel/events as well as some outdoor fun.

I feel very lucky to be staying with the author and his wife in their very Tahoe-y home...

with my very own little loft "apartment" to retreat to each night.

They are letting me borrow a bike (which rides so smooth compared to mine back home). I rode down to Tahoe City the other day to check out the Art Festival and the thrift store.

On the way there, I passed Commons Beach. It was so inviting.

All the families playing and already claiming their spot for the free concert later that afternoon.

I really wanted to go to the concert, but didn't think there would be time due to a book event in another town. I rode back to the house and caught the author heading down to the river for a quick dip... so I threw on my swimsuit and joined him. With a little time to spare, I returned to Commons Beach.

I felt like I was in my painting.

The music was perfect for dancing and I let myself, spinning, and hair flying. The book event that night was fun. A handful of writers read their work, with us being last. The others were all so poetic and grownup with us wrapping up the night with a little Gertrude. Interesting combination, but well received. And I made a few new friends. Love that!

We have also gone kayaking off of Sunnyside, dipped our toes in Donner Lake,

tomorrow we are going canoeing near Bliss then bbqing on the beach, and maybe fit in some tubing down the Truckee River before it's all over. Ah, Tahoe summers.

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