Saturday, September 5, 2009

the jury's in....

Well, I wasn't born in a barn, but now I get to live in one! YAY!!!
We have committed, but there is still some renovating that needs to be done. We should be able to officially move in near the end of next week. I'm hoping Thursday so I can wake up there on my birthday. We already bought some furniture today and are storing it in the barn's attic. It's a big space that might look a little empty. I'll do my best to make it fun and homey. I'll post pics of the place once we move in and have it set up.


  1. How fun!! It looks like a really nice place!

  2. Hey, Babe!
    Just caught up on your adventure. I was sick all last week. Only worked 1 day...severe sinus infection, but wasn't sure how contagious I was until I visited the doctor. My temp in the mornings is still around 96.?

    How fun...except for the body size the barn!
    One comment on Nick's mom...was she 10 when she had him, 'cause she looks about 30! Good for her!
    Your outfits are adorable...cute $2 top.

    I look forward to your vicariously thru you.