Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am going to do 2 separate posts today. Let me start with our week in Arkansas.

hmmm... we played lots of games and cards, ate tons of food that is not in my normal diet, saw a good talent show at a county fair (need to remember the name Isaac Epps), received about 50 mosquito bites, got to know Nick's mom pretty well, went to Memphis for a day, and got some bike riding in.

Wednesday was spent in Memphis. We found a bookstore for Nick and then his mom and I hit the thrift stores. She got quite a bit... clothes and shoes. I ended up with just this shirt. $2 :)

I did however have fun trying on this orange (with white mini polka dots) Lavern and Shirley jumper.

Going into Memphis, we crossed this bridge which spans over the Mighty Mississippi. (Nick took this pic with my phone while I was driving.) The pyramid you see is made of glass and actually stands

We spent the evening on Beale Street. Come to find out, Weds is Bike Night. We got some yummy drinks from a place called Wet Willies. There were probably 20 or more frozen drinks ready to go in slushy-type machines. I had a banana split = white russian (frozen, mind you), banana, and strawberry.

We sat out side for awhile people watching and listening to music coming from all different directions. We ended up in Rum Boogie listening to good blues flavored cover band.

Nick taught me how to fix a flat on my bike.

There is a really neat state park called Village Creek that the 3 of us went on some mountain bike trails. A lot fewer spiders and spider webs than the hike we did at the beginning of the week. Nick flew through it while his mom and I were close to the same speed and skill level.

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