Friday, February 12, 2010

Thrifting in Sacramento

Recently, we drove to Sacramento for the day. Nick did a little work and then went rock climbing with some friends. I spent the whole day thrifting! I love discovering new places to ravage. I only made it to 3 places. Here are just a couple pics from Thrift Town.

I was missin my cowboy boots. Mine are back in Kansas in storage. I didn't buy these. They wanted $20 for them and I already have 3... or is it 4 pairs.

These cuties I did purchase. Actually a half size big, but I love them so. I figure if they tend to flop around, I'll just attached a strap and make them mary janes.

This is another item I didn't buy. I just wanted to say "hey, look. A clothing brand called scrapbook. And the fabric is so cute like scrapbook paper."

I hope to make some money from the 6 other bags of stuff I brought home. Time to get to work.


  1. Fun!! I bet that was an awesome day!! Would you have Nick show you my facebook wall, so I don't have to repeat a story to you from scratch, pretty please??

  2. What a cute idea to call your brand Scrapbook and have the material look like scrapbook paper.

  3. welcome back! Missed you!