Tuesday, January 25, 2011

old school Atari style

Last Friday, I posted a spunky set of legwarmers that I titled "Old School Atari-styled.." and they sold in record time. Well, record time for me that is. =) I received the email 20 minutes after I posted them. I was super excited as you could probably imagine.

The day before, we had to leave the house by 7am to make a 40 min drive to "town" to drop the car off for some work...SO i had to get up quite a bit earlier than normal...AND bring everything with me for the photoshoot. Well, I made the mistake of not actually putting the whole outfit on together before leaving the house and I was really regretting my shoe choice. The majority of my shoes are still about 1600miles away in storage, but REALLY? what was I thinking when I choose these shoes? We went ahead and took some photos anyway (because I take every chance I can for Nick to take pictures for me) and just crossed my fingers hoping they would turn out ok. And when I asked Nick what he thought... he, and I quote, said "they were ok" which led to a discussion about how girls and guys mean different things when they say something is "ok".

I was so disgusted with my shoes (some ol' chucks would have been perfect) that I actually took them off, but it looked silly sitting outside with no shoes on.

Though I did think this one taken inside our favorite local coffee shop came out kind of neat.

We got lucky and found this cool yellow and white garage door. I was thankful the owner didn't come out and tell us to leave.

The pictures were obviously good enough to give me a sale within 20mins so it just goes to show that sometimes.... it just doesn't matter if you have the right shoes on ;)

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