Saturday, January 29, 2011

1 year Dreadiversary

Today is my 1 year Dreadiversary. I have gathered up pictures to tell the story of my dreads in their first year of life.

preparing to dread
January 2010

After 20 hrs of dreading spread out over 5 days... they were finished!!
January 29th, 2010 in Tahoe

hiking out of the Santa Cruz Mtns with major hat hair

I think this was my first ponytail. My hand was in a cast so Nick actually did my hair for me.
March in Tahoe

fun dread shadow

May in Kansas

just returned home from a long weekend camping at Feather Falls
Memorial weekend, Tahoe

June in Tahoe

June at Yosemite Ntl Pk

crazy camp hair
July in California

i love this one!! stick in the hair ....also at summer camp.
July in California

White string
August in Kansas

my Birthday
September in Kansas

October in Arkansas

October in Arkansas

November in Utah

December in Tahoe

January 2011 in Tahoe

2 new strings

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  1. Awesome dreads! So jealous, I've always wanted to get them but I don't have the courage to actually go through with it! :P