Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 year Dreadiversary

Here they are. My babies made it to 3 years old.  

Overall, they are quite long. Some have gotten thin spots, so I knotted a few of them to see if that would help bulk them up over time. Then a few weeks ago, I notice one very short dread near the front. I couldn't remember it being so much shorter than the rest so I thought maybe it broke. As far as I know, I haven't had any break, but I thought maybe it was one that I knotted and possibly got caught on something and ripped. Surely I would have noticed that, but I guess it could have happened in my sleep? Well, I pretty much convinced myself it must have broke. So a few days ago, when a dread on the other side was getting super thin where I had knotted it, I decided (with a little push) to just rip it the rest of the way off. I gave it a little tug and it surprisingly didn't break. It was still quite strong, but at that point I had committed to ripping it off. I really had to yanked on it to rip it off.

And yes, I do sort of regret doing it now. But oh well. I wont be doing that again. Next time, I think I might try sewing in some extra thickness. Oh, and I looked back at some of my older pics...and I'm pretty sure, that first short dread didn't break off.  

My next goal is to try and make them softer. 

To see how they've changed over the last few years, check out these past posts.

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