Monday, October 7, 2013

Play Treehouse

Like a bunch of other cities and even other countries, Wichita has a maker space called MakeICT. It was formed about a year ago and is going strong. I have gone to a few of the workshops and really dug into the foam cutting one.

My first tiny prototype. It's a treehouse!

I added a few more pieces.

Then built it full size.

Made a few adjustments and built another. This time out of pink...

hehe. It's like his and hers.

Although seeing my creation be cut out of foam and pieced together to make a 3 dimensional object is pretty darn cool in itself, I was dreaming of it made out of wood... though had no idea how.

Most of the machines in the space are built by fellow makers. This is Tom, the creator of the foam cutter. He's a super nice guy.

Looking around the maker space, I thought maybe I could use one of the wood mills to cut the pieces for the treehouse. Well, long story short, that really wasn't going to work. But... Tom informed me that he has access to a laser cutter and offered to cut it for me.

I wasn't able to be there in person, so he made this little video for me.

And it turned out beautiful!! Better than I ever expected.


  1. That is awesome, and very marketable. Nice work!

    1. thanks, Bryan! I even stained/painted one after this.

  2. That is one cool, oh wait, three cool treehouses Jess! Great work!