Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wild Hair Wednesday - Halloween Dos

This year's Halloween was all about the hair.

Just a couple days before a Halloween party, I had no idea what I was going to be but knew I needed to make a decision quick. A friend suggested being a paint brush, "your hair is perfect for it". About 20 minutes after I decided to run with that, I was in front of the mirror messing with my hair. (thoughts to self ->) Yeah, this could work. Hmmm. It looks like a big mop. Dude! Why not go as the Mop from Fantasia?!

Simple. Clever. Original.

Wear all brown.
Put my hair up like a mop. (Not exactly sure how yet.)
And 2 buckets for props.

I first did my hair in about 2 minutes which left me with way too much time to fiddle with it some more. I kept fiddling with it until it was time to go. It was looking crazy, but I went to the party like this anyways.

About half way through the party, I decided to take it down. Yep. This was my 2 minute do from earlier. Sometimes, fast and simple is better.

Mop-esc? Right?!

All I ended up buying was brown gloves and duck tape for the buckets.


For the Final Friday Bicycle Gang, I did another crazy do. I wanted to be warm, but still do something fun. That's what Halloween is all about. Dressing up in outrageous ways that we secretly wish we could do more often but only feel are acceptable once a year.

Unfortunately, I didn't get very good pics of it, but I'm sharing them anyway.

The perfect blend of warm/comfortable and fun. Minus the ONE guy who was all up in my space, peoples reactions were pretty great.

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