Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hoes and Logos

I decided to enter a logo contest at the last minute. I wasn't going to tell anyone unless I won, but I don't care if they pick mine, I love it.

I ended up staying up late Thursday night creating it, getting only 2 broken hours of sleep before heading off to the office....ya know, paid work. I worked at my computer for most of the morning until I finished my project and went looking for more active things to do (to help stay awake and pass the time faster). After helping in the warehouse, I got assigned garden duty. Yes please and thank you. I made 4 mound rows and planted onions in the first. The only tool I used was a hoe...(and a 4x4 to hammer in steaks, but that doesn't count, right?).

My office for the afternoon.

Well, I found it quite funny and ironic that my logo design, created and finished just hours before, also included a hoe. I should mention... I hadn't seen nor used a hoe in at least year, maybe a few years. Then 2 in 12 hours.

My design

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