Monday, August 24, 2009

Let the adventures begin!

Nick and I left Wichita on Saturday and started heading East as planned.

We stopped in Springfield, MO so I could check out a crafty store called Red Velvet Art. My sister and I have followed the owner's blog for almost 2 yrs now, but the store just opened this year. Of course, I was thinking about my sister the whole time and even tried to call her when I was there (but no answer). Since she wasn't able to be there with me, I made sure to take some pictures. (btw sis, no one famous was there... oh except I saw the bf and heard him practicing.)

By the end of the day, we made it to Wynne, Arkansas where Nick's mom lives. We're gonna stay the week with her in her homey little house. Here's a cozy little spot in her backyard.

Yesterday, his mom had the day off so the three of us hopped in the car and drove to Marianna. We ate in a local place that served us some traditional southern food. Nick had chicken spaghetti and we both had purple hulled peas for the first time. We also had mash potatoes and fried okra. Tonight his mom is cooking fried fish, fried potatoes, and fried okra. Yeah, I weighed myself yesterday so I can keep track of what I'm gaining this week. Yikes! Good thing we've been hiking and riding our bikes.

So the real reason we went to Marianna yesterday was to check out a trail there. It will forever be known as the spider trail in my memory. Nick led us through this forest with stick in hand, clearing the spider webs after I managed to run right into a full body length one. The other spiders must have sent out a death threat for him, because two managed to jump on his shoulder and we had to get them off. I ended up with one on my foot and you know my shoe came flying off as I hopped on the other foot. We made it out alive with only a few mosquito bites.

Nick and I then went for a bike ride through the neighborhood. It is pretty hilly here and we don't know the area so... we'd be working hard, pumping up the hill, get to the top and see a dead end sign. That kept happening over and over so I was a little frustrated. It was really pretty though and we did catch some air coming down a few of those hills.

As most of you know, we love playing games. We decided not to take any with us on the trip though, but we are trying to learn some card games. Last night, his mom taught us to play Rummy. Not sure if we were playing by the actual rules though ;) so we'll need to research that.

Today Nick worked and I took it easy for the most part. I went for a long bike ride by myself. The thrift store in town was a bust, but the weather was beautiful.

hugs from afar. Jess

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  1. I keep forgetting to comment!! I bet it was awesome being in Elsie's shop!! And a little surreal too! I'm ready for more pictures!