Saturday, December 5, 2009

Applique Project

Mr Moose (my nephew) had his 5th birthday this week and today is his party. I made him a special gift I want to share with you. The story starts back a few months ago before I hit the road. I wanted to show the boys the Keeper of the Plains at night with the fire pits roaring and also surprise them with a hidden sculpture near there. I live pretty close to both attractions so my sister, BIL, and nephews stopped by my house before hand. It was starting to get chilly with the sun going down, so I supplied them all with jackets. The two little ones each wore one of my hoodies. I remember Mr Moose making the cutest comments. "Oohhh, its so warm and cozy in here." and "its smells like you auntie Jess" hehe. Soooo, that leads to my idea for his gift. I found this really cute green and white striped GAP hoody that I customized for him. The hoody is oversized so he'll be able to wear it for a few years (if mama's washings dont kill it before then).

My idea was to applique (a first for me) his favorite animal or another favorite something to it. Unfortunately, I wasnt really feeling kitty cats so I went a different route. I used his favorite song instead. Can you believe its "Funky Town." :) I put "funky" on the front and added elbow patches, and on the back i added some of the lyrics. some of the pictures were before I stitched it on. I have washed it 2 times (only washed it a 2nd time cuz it hung dried the first time and I wanted to dry it in the dryer so it was softer before i gave it to him) so, mama, no need to wash it for awhile, OK?.

i had first considered putting it on the back

before stitching

after stitching

click to enlarge and read some of the lyrics