Tuesday, December 15, 2009

wow. sorry ive been so absent

10 whole days since my last post. wow! that's unusual. i have been busy visiting friends and family. i'm also making most of my christmas gifts this year so i am busy doing that (and unfortunately cant post pics of them til after christmas... hopefully ill remember to take some). and some not so exciting home maintenance. i have now been in my crawl space... like 3 times and just this week... and it wasnt that scary after all. and may i just say, i love my renters! they are the best.

here's a cute video from my nephew's 5th birthday party.

and a cute pic from my favorite dav (no, i didnt buy it)


  1. Great way to start my day...watching Littlest jump up and down with excitement! Hearing their voices isalways a thrill and warms my heart.