Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taos, New Mexico

On the road again. This time heading west to Stateline, NV by way of New Mexico. This was taken with my phone, but I'll post more pics once I get internet on my computer again. I've signed into google latitude again if you wanna watch our journey out west.

[Late addition by Nick: Jess had trouble getting this message posted earlier today. She's driving now so I've been learning her phone to help get this posted and to pass some time in the passenger seat. So glad to figure it out finally. Anyways... We were going to take a backcountry route from Taos northwest past the Four Corners and either up to Moab or past the Glen Canyon dam. We changed those plans after we ran into some heavy snow up in the mountains west of Taos. We backtracked a bit and now we're heading south to I-40. It will be a longer and less scenic route, but hopefully less snowy too. We had some fun stops in New Mexico. Jess will enjoy writing about it when she gets back online.]


  1. It's all about the journey. Enjoy wherever life leads you. Having traveling.

  2. Oops! Apparently too early to notice spelling errors. I meant have fun traveling.