Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Camp photos

I've been feeding the goats a lot in Plant and Animal Farm (a clinic I teach to the campers).

this is Taco

I was put on kitchen duty for a few hours and literally washed dishes for my meal :)

I tried the throwing range and hope to teach it soon. It was a lot of fun, though I tend to stick 'em slanted instead of straight up and down.

Ah, the food. I didn't think to take this until I had already devoured most of it. Chicken, rice & shredded carrots, hummus, guac, and my new favorite thing (that I thought I didn't like at all) BEETS! yum!
French Toast with Bananas & Maple Syrup and veggie patties.

With one of the cabins (Manzi 2), I joined in on one of their cabin activities. We have a Giant Swing where you get hoisted up by the others in your group and when you want to stop you yell down to stop pulling. Then you squeeze the release and go flying through the air. The girls decided to bring up paint bottles and spray the others down below. Everyone took a turn. It was my first time on the swing and it was awesome! Next time I'm going all the way to the top!
(Gracie is the one swinging in the pic)

Thursday, I spent a little time at Hot Rocks (though we spent it in the shade).

We do skits to 'sell' certain activities and I was a cave-woman... go figure :). So I tied a stick into my hair and kept it for the rest of the afternoon cuz it looked cool.

Yesterday, Session 2 ended and I had to say goodbye to all the campers I've gotten to know over the last week and half. Manzi 2 adopted me into their cabin and oh how I'll miss them.

back row: Catherine and me
front row: Gracie, Claire, Maggie, Apple (Isabel), Izzy

I finally cleaned the Yurt (phase 1). Then I grabbed an inner tube and floated on the lake for about an hour. Hung out in the kitchen with other staff and then around 11 pm or so, a huge group of us did the 80ft Zip Line in the pitch black
As you can see, I was super excited. I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down on the platform. This is us up in the air, sitting over the edge.

It really was AMAZING and so special to share it with a great group of people.
A fun night off.

New Campers Arriving shortly!


  1. What fun! Looks like a great group. Your campers picture...what a cute group...I get very attached to my kids quickly - totally understand.
    As for the beets...yuck! You hated them when you were little, but your dad loves them anyway they are fixed...

  2. i love your blog with all the pictures of your adventures! and those meals look a-ma-zing!

    i passed on this little award to you! check it out here

  3. Jess! Perhaps you have found your "calling!" You are so much having fun. So happy for your. Too bad it has to be over, or does it?????