Thursday, July 1, 2010

My first day @ Camp Augusta

Wahoo! I arrived at Camp Augusta late last night (11ish) and didn't want to wake anyone so I hauled my belongings into the lodge (building used for certain activities) and decided to crash there. All the doors were open so I closed them and just happened to trap 2 bats and a mouse in there with me. I immediately opened the doors back up but the bats kept coming in and out, flying around and squeaking... *shiver*. Yes, I was complete inside my sleeping bag, head and all. I was tired enough though and fell asleep fairly quickly.

My phone battery had died and the only clock I could find was not working so I had no idea what time it was this morning when I got up. Ended up being way too early for anyone but the kitchen staff making breakfast. I'm enjoying the healthy food here and hope to snag some photos of the kitchen staff and food. I need to remember to bring my camera around with me. Sorry for the lack of pictures on this one.

Sleepy time. Oh, did I mention that I am sleeping in a yurt? Yep. At least for now. It's super messy so I'm rallying a cleaning party.

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  1. As I was leaving the camp, I had to let a skunk and a mother and baby deer cross the road in front of me. That was before I had even left the driveway of Camp Augusta. Lots of wildlife there.

    I hope you're liking camp. Everyone's asking what you're up to, so give us an update when you can.