Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Travels

This past weekend I went camping near Fall River in Kansas. My was it beautiful. Some parts of the trip I was "ah, Kansas." and other times I was, "this is Kansas?".

Nick's family traditionally camps there during 'black powder' season in hopes of bringing home some tasty deer. I didn't see any deer, but enjoyed some time around the campfire and driving around exploring the area.

car camping... totally kansas


mud puddles...yes, kansas

kansas sunset

huge lawn art for sale... for reals, it's kansas

ah, yes.

this is totally Kansas

wow, this is kansas?

ok, i believe it.

walking in a soy bean field... yep! we are in kansas.


  1. Coming home from Wichita this last time...there was the most beautiful sunset. The sun was a HUGE orange ball and made awesome colors around it. I needed you to take a picture! Breathtaking.

  2. The sun is tricky like the moon. It looks huge to our eyes and teeny in a picture. The colors, thank heavens, are capturable =)