Thursday, July 7, 2011

more Retro Racks - these ones are available

I am thrilled to have received such an enthusiastic response to my retro racks. A few of you asked if certain ones were still available so I figured I better share photos of the ones that are. The racks shown in this post are still available. The racks in the previous post are on consignment at a shop in South Lake Tahoe, CA. A few of you had your eyes on a certain one... Well, there is always a chance it may not sell so if you really want that specific one, let me know. Otherwise, check out these beauties that are still up for grabs. And maybe you'll find one you even like better. ;)

Again, I ended up with a few racks without a cute picture. I guess they were absent on photoshoot day. :) All four of the ones below are available. 2 were already shown above and the other 2 are the red/white/brown on yellow (far left) and the brown/green/red on white (far right). Sorry for such a yucky picture, but hopefully you get the idea.

Another view showing those 2.

And this brown/green/black one on beige board (I'm pretty sure I'm holding it upside down) is also available. You can also see the red/white/brown one and sort of see the brown/green/red one .

Similar, but the brown/green/black one is on the chair in front.

From the top down:
green/black/silver on white
3 silver on yellow
silver/cream/silver on aqua
green/orange/yellow/brown on white
3 silver on aqua
cream/brown/green/black on yellow
cream/black/green on yellow
beige/brown/red on white
green/brown/aqua on white
red/white/brown on yellow
brown/green/red on white
brown/green/black one on beige

I'm asking $30 a piece for them. If you'd like one, leave a comment or msg me on fb.

jessie b

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