Sunday, January 8, 2012

the Sunday Special - Persimmons & Chestnuts

I had heard of persimmons before, but didn't even know what they were until a couple weeks ago. They had some at the nursery so I was excited to take a couple home right before Christmas. I was going to try it sooner but there was so much food around here for the holidays. But I finally ate it this week and have to say... I love 'em!

And then there were the chestnuts. Yes, we've all heard of them, right? Well, they also had some at the nursery and again I was excited to try something new that just happens to be an age old holiday tradition for some. I didn't roast them on an open fire, instead I used the oven. The first batch (I had actually purchases from the store a few weeks earlier) ended up getting charred because I left them in too long. The others I guess, were just too old. They looked good, but I about broke a tooth trying to eat them. *sigh* Oh, well. Something to look forward to next year. =)


  1. Are you sure Dave and I never fed you a persimmon when you lived with us? Also, you need to wait till it feels a little squishy. They don't taste good if you try to eat them too soon.

  2. Michelle, I don't remember ever eating one with you. And yes, the squishier one was tastier.