Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wild Hair Wednesday - Big Bow

Happy Wild Hair Wednesday! I have a fun new do to share with you.

I created the bow leaving a few 'bangs' left behind to create a wrap around braid. I had about 3 dreads on either side (parted slightly to the side). I braided each side then joined them in the back. I wasn't sure how I was going to join them since I don't have any bobby pins. I ended up actually sewing them together with a big needle and a piece of yarn. =) It held up great.


This cutie pie hairdo paired beautifully with my valentines leg warmers.

Remember this stripy pair? I thought they were for kids only, but they fit me perfect! I just had to take a few more photos.

And this pair I'm adding later tonight.

Plus I took some non-Christmasy photos of a couple red pairs that were part of my Christmas bunch.

There you have it. Valentine's stockings and Dread Bows. 

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