Friday, February 24, 2012


Yes, I am obsessed with rainbows. It's official.

There is a fun way to shop on called a treasury. They are themed lists of items curated by members. I decided to curate a few myself and have completely lost it. I seriously posted 4 rainbow treasuries just today. haha.

I also recently updated my shop banner. I really enjoy changing up the colors every couple months, usually coordinating with the upcoming holiday. I made this one prodominantly green with a bright full spectrum rainbow. Of course, my 'logo' is already a rainbow, but I started off with a non-traditional one with fewer colors and lower chroma colors. ANY who. Here's my cutie header!! And my colorful featured items below it.

I've added 2 rainbow leg warmers and 2 green leg warmers and a green Retro Rack so far. Next up is my final pair of green leg warmers. They are green and yellow striped. You might recognize them because I've been wearing that sweater for the last couple winters. After that is the little art bag I made with a painted rainbow on the front pocket. Plus, I finally photographed the rest of the retro racks and the 4 aprons I just finished. Lots of photo editing in my near future.

Wishing you sunshine and rainbows!

jessie b

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