Monday, February 6, 2012

what I wore

Last week, I had some errands to run as well as do a little photo shoot. I love the chance to do a shoot somewhere new. I headed to town, keeping a look out for a good spot to pull over. I found a dirt road right off the highway and it ended up being a great backdrop.

This is my favorite!

So yeah, I stopped and took pictures first and then continued on with my errands. Usually I take of the legwarmers because I don't like to get them dirty and have to rewash them before shipping them off to a new home...BUT I decided to wear them. All day.

I wore the whole outfit all day actually. Hat and all.

Man, can you believe it's this warm? Loving it!

I went to 2 thrift stores, 2 paint stores, a shipping/copy store, a fabric store, and a large hardware/home store.

I started thinking about all the places this outfit is perfect for. Musical festivals, burning man, welcoming home a soldier, voting, occupying, performing, and of course the celebrating our nations independence.

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