Friday, March 23, 2012

the big debate

No, I'm not talking politics, but most of you will probably find this to be about as boring as that.

I'm trying to decide which state to claim residency to. I have always claimed Kansas. My house is there, the majority of my possessions are there, and up until this past year, my car was even left there while I was away. I'm away more than I'm there. I'm technically living in Nevada, which would be great to claim, due to no state income tax, but it's a big decision. A little scary and I don't make decisions lightly. I'd hate to switch and then a few months later, turn around and have to switch again. What a mess. How long am I staying here? I have no clue. I like it here. I've made some friends and connections, am working on a few projects, but I still have no 'employer'. No steady income.

Kansas is not where I want to live. Well, it's not at the top of my list anyway. If I needed to move back there, I'd be alright with that, but I'm enjoying being away. I just feel split. I don't want to sell my house. It's my home. It's mine. If I sell it, I know I won't be approved to buy another one. I do day dream about living in my house again...if only I could move it here without the mortgage increasing.

Back to reality. My car tag is due this month. Or should I say, next week. I have been putting off registering it because I can't decide if I should just continue to keep it registered in Kansas or register it in Nevada. If I register my car, then that changes my insurance and drivers license and therefore my residency. It's EASIER to just stick with Kansas, but not sure I should. My taxes are already a mess with a house in Kansas, self employeement, and did I mention I do them myself. ick

Do I take the leap and claim Nevada? How will that effect my independent business? I wish small business tax consultants were cheaper. Or that I knew one here in Nevada that I could trust.

I know no one else cares, but these thoughts have been consuming me lately. I was hoping this might help me work through them. Not so lucky. I need to make a decision quick.

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