Monday, March 26, 2012

9 different flavors

I received a fun package in the mail today. Nick actually handed it to me (unopened) and said, 'it smells like hippies." Which was quite ironic since it was soap. hehe

A week or so ago, I added these little guys to my etsy cart and told myself that I would buy them the next time I got a sale that covered their cost. Well, low and behold I did, and now they're mine. =)  The funnest part was getting to pick 9 different 'flavors'. My skin is a little sensitive so there were a couple of my picks that I had to change because they had added fragrance, but the shop owner was quite helpful in finding ones that would work for me.

9 Different Flavors from SweetSallysSoaps:
I Love Coffee       Pink Grapefruit         Citrus Scrub
Dead Sea Mud     Oatmeal & Honey     Peppermint Swirl
Carrot                   Beer                             Lavender & Beramot

I can't wait to try them all


  1. How fun! I love those kind of soaps!

  2. Thanks and enjoy the soaps!

    Sweet Sally's Soaps