Wednesday, June 13, 2012

bike ride and popsicles

 I went for a nice little bike ride today, and timed it just right to stop by the farmers market along the way. It was gorgeously sunny out and I think I finally got some color on my thighs. Woohoo!

A homemade popsicle was the perfect reward and did the trick of cooling me off.

About that popsicle. So it's been on my list to make homemade popscicles this summer. I don't have any fancy molds and wasn't quite sure what I was going to use. So I just improvised, like I always do.

A week or so ago, I made homemade 'ice cream' in the blender using coconut milk, strawberries, pineapple, and maybe a banana (I can't remember now). It made the thickest yummiest ice cream ever.

Look how tall it is!!

I ate part of it and divided the rest up into 2 glasses. Stuck a spoon into each while it was still thick and the spoon stood up in the middle, then stuck it in the freezer.

When I got home today, I let it sit on the counter to thaw a bit. That made it able to slide out. I was surprised how well it stayed on the spoon. Mmmm, it was tasty.


  1. Oh, yum! Those look really delicious! I never thought about making me own ice cream like that... :)

  2. SO happy to have found your blog! I use my blender almost every day and have been wanting to find new uses for it. this looks amazing and I might even try it out tonight. will definitely follow along on all of your adventures. :) ps. I like biking too!

  3. hi Jennifer, and welcome! I use my blender everyday, too. I have a green smoothie for breakfast and sometimes use it again for other fun creations. I just now got back from a long bike ride and could use one of these. =)