Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wild Hair Wednesday - Long Curly Dreads

It's rare I have an excuse to get all dressed up. So when New Years was approaching and I got the urge to get all fancy, I decided to try curls again.

I did them the same way as last time using pinwheels. Instead of using mini elastic bands to secure them in place, I just tucked the end under the pin wheel (aka mini bun).

They were taking forever to dry this time. After sitting in front of the space heater for hours, I borrowed a blow dryer and even after an hour of that they were still damp.

I have only tried dready curls once before, and the first time was much curlier....probably due to the dry factor and the fact that they are so stinkin' long now.

Ok, once every couple years I spend an entire day doing my hair. I can live with that.

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