Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wild Hair Wednesday - 4 year Dreadiversary

Wow, feels like I just did the last Dreadiversary.

4 Years.
I made it four years.

Random list of Dread bits from the past year:
  • Some of the dreads started becoming noticeably thinner in the middle.
  • I tried sewing them with needle and thread to strengthen the thinning spots. It worked pretty well.
  • I tried felting some of the loose hairs with just a felting needle....

  • and felted some with felting wool. Both ways worked pretty well.

  • I had a few break off. One during a make-out session when the other person tried to run their fingers through my dreads.
  • Still using the same washing technique...except now I just fill up the bathroom sink instead of a big bowl.
  • The washing recipe is the same, I just added grapefruit extract to the mix.
  • My first friend got dreads.
  • I still wish they were softer. I never did (haven't done) anything to try and make them softer.
  • They are seriously long.
  • I day dream about cutting them off and scrubbing my bald head.
  • I still receive lots of compliments and questions from strangers.
  • I seldom use hair ties anymore when I pull it up. I just twist it and tuck it into itself.
  • There is one dread that is longer than the rest. It had been wrapped up for a couple years and I loved it's wrapping, but took it out in hopes that it shrinks up a bit and fits in with the others more.
  • They were the inspiration for 2 Halloween outfits.
  • I tried doing curly again.

How they've changed through the years....
3 Year Dreadiversary
2 Year Dreadiversary
1 Year Dreadiversary

And I just can't help but reminiscence over this one. 30 Years of hairdos

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