Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bunny Box

I have a new art project. It just arrived tonight and I'm already excited to get started on it. It is a handmade "box" ... I'd be more inclined to call it a table or stand... used for grooming bunny rabbits. The maker of the box created it for his 16 year old granddaughter who shows rabbits. And I know she's gonna love it. The legs are black and the box has a pale pink wash on it. The g-daughter's favorite color combo is turquoise and brown (one of mine too!). The maker also was clever enough to pick out a playful rug to line the inside of the box. How FUN! So working off the legs, box, rug, and fave color combo... my job is to make all that come together with her name and location (and possibly small illustration). So paint, paper, maybe ribbon, oh my.

I just sat it on the top, but it'll be cut down to fit inside the box.

some paper I might use on it.

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