Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And the Owner loved it

So I had the new owner over for dinner the other night and surprised him with his painting. He was very pleased and it was hanging on his wall by the next day.

Feels good to be checking things off my never ending list. Repainted all the trim yesterday after the hail damage we got from the recent storm.

Trying to throw a little fun in there when I can. I watched a friends little girl yesterday and we went for a 2 hour bike ride. YES in this heat. She's only 10 but she managed to master riding my adult cruiser bike. We road all the way to Sedgewick County Park and then to Brahms for some ice cream and then home. Of course, we stopped and played at the park though too. WooWee the seats on the teeter-totters are HOT! (I'm going to have to start taking more pictures now.)

Oh, yeah. I also received a call from a fellow designer in town wanting to pass on some freelance work. From what he's told me, they are book covers of an erotic nature and he doesn't want to get involved with that. Hmmm. Do I? I figure, as long as its not porn and it's "tasteful" .... and maybe ask that my name is no where in it... I might do it.

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