Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finish Painting!

Yay, it's done!
One full day of painting ended up being 3 full days instead. Isn't that just how it is.

It started out as a 24 x24 piece of plywood... then was decoupaged (very ...hmmm, should I say "roughly") with aged pages from a 1979 (the year I was born) Readers Digest.
The articles and ads are related to the subject matter of the painting... a couple months then passed... this week I painted the background clouds and hills (my favorite part! too bad I forgot to take a picture of just that) allowing some of the key words and some images to show through...drew, cut out and painted the remaining key images...added the words...and then decoupaged the images on and gave it a top coat. Still need to figure out how to hang it because it's only a 1/4" thick. Then it will be off to its new owner.

Here's the finished painting

and a couple detailed shots.

Just painting and not worrying about anything else was pretty nice while it lasted, but back to reality for now. Just got to remember, we can always visit these fun memories when ever we need to.


  1. That turned out really awesome!! You did a great job! The new owner will LOVE it!

  2. That looks Great. The colors are so bright.