Thursday, October 1, 2009

Charlotte, NC

Nick is in Wichita til Sunday to attend a Wedding. He flew out of Charlotte so we got a chance to check out the city for the first time, though very briefly. We got there Monday afternoon. He worked and I started **thrift shopping**. I ended up only going to one place (Value Village on Freedom Dr) because I started looking at all their men's long sleeve shirts and wishing Nick was there to try them on.

[he now owns the dark blue one with leaves]

[detail shot of 2 others he now owns. he got a whole bag for $16 dollars. heck of a deal!]

I took a bunch of pics and was emailing them to him, but I ended up going back to the hotel and picking him up so he could try them on. (I forgot my Camera so forgive me for taking them with my phone.)

We then went to a neat area called Noda that (according to Nick) is an art district. Unfortunately it was after hours on a Monday night, so no art was to be found. We ate dinner at a cajun place and then walked around the area a bit before heading back to the hotel. BTW, I thought I didn't like gumbo, but he ordered it and it was delicious!

Tuesday Morning....... Nick caught the 5am shuttle to the airport so I went back to bed after telling him goodbye. I ate the complimentary breakfast and unfortunately spent waaaay to much time watching the free tv (for the few of you who don't know this already, I dont watch tv. or should I say... I dont have a tv. but when its available, I just get sucked in. hmmm, that reminds me why I don't have a tv.)

I spent the afternoon thrift shopping!!!!! again. This time checked out quite a few places. There are some real quality places there. Charlotte must love their thrift shops. I did :).

These mushroom lids were found at the Community Thrift store on Freedom Dr.

[I didn't buy them. They would however be cute wall decor for someone.]

And there was a Goodwill OUTLET there. I have never seen such a thing. There were tables and tables of clothes and linens, all mingled together. When I walked in, I wasn't sure I was suppose to be in there. It looked like the receiving warehouse where the workers sorted everything out. But it wasn't. There were lots of people rummaging through them all. And the strangest part of all.... they sell it by the POUND. $1.39 a pound to be exact. I had never bought clothes/sheets by the pound and wasn't sure how it would compare. I added in my head what I would pay for each item and together hoped it would be under $10... and it was right under, even after tax. I goood :)

I checked out the Salvation Army (lots and lots of furniture... decent too) and another Goodwill. These super cute Girly Monkey PJs were so tempting...and soft.


  1. thanks for helping me pick out some nice shirts. miss you.

  2. How fun! I would go crazy in a Goodwill Outlet! yeah! Monkey pj's are so cute...don't think the boys would appreciate them...hahaha
    Love ya lots!