Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday Beauty

Yesterday morning I glanced out my kitchen window and saw this. I was so excited that I grabbed my camera, kicked off my slippers, and ran outside in my pajamas to capture a picture. I love hot air balloons! It was a pretty grey morning, but I'm sure they were still enjoying themselves. I think it took off from the field next to the farm house.

Later we drove to Linville Gorge which is known to some as the Grand Canyon of the East. We hiked and then did a little climbing in Devil's Cellar. (i'm pretty rusty) It was absolutely beautiful. The mountains and valleys were frosted with trees of every color. I day dreamed of flying over the trees with the sun shining down the valleys.

The paths we follow. Never know the beauty and wonder it might lead to.

Devil's Cellar (above)


and these last 2 are a couple Nick took


  1. All I can say is "WOW" The trees and mountains are beautiful! When I spotted the hot air balloon...I thought maybe you took a ride. Great picture.
    Love ya

  2. Fall is nature at its best!! I love the hot air balloon!

  3. Wow,Jess. It could be that KS has lost you, if you fall as much in love as I am with the mountains and beautiful trees! Hope you like NYC, too. And the mountains north of NYC are really great, too - like the Hudson River Valley! Go explore there. Hope you took your bikes!
    Fall is the best time of year, imho