Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York City

A week in New York City. Arrived on Tuesday afternoon and left the following Monday morning. Here's what happened between that time and the pictures to prove it.

Tues we arrived in NYC in mid afternoon and checked into our hotel in Herald Square (right by the Empire State Building). It was one of the few sunny days (tho still needed a hood/hat after dark) and we didn't want to waste any time. So out we went, walking to Chelsea to check out some art galleries. There are so many there, we barely scratched the surface.

Our first hotel room. Black chandelier ... nice touch.

Our bathroom in the first hotel we stayed in.

my favorite artist/artwork I found in NYC. (and Now I can't even remember his name)

Central Park

We stopped to eat at the Boat House express cafe. It was good and reasonably priced. And I had my first Black and White (cookie for those unfamiliar). I regretfully did not take a picture of it. (or the slice (pizza) we got later that night leaving Time Square.) We also road over to the Guggenheim Museum and saw lots of Kandinsky. No cameras were allowed.

some hungry raccoons. (no WE did not feed them)

The bikes we rented from some individuals hanging out at the entrance to Central Park. I was hesitant, but we did it anyway. It all worked out fine.

Riding Bikes in Central Park after Dark

We walked through Time Square

And we saw the Naked Cowboy. You'll have to forgive me for rotating my camera. If you have a laptop, Great! If you rotate your computer and set it on its side, it'll be perfect.

Walking back to our hotel we happened to pass through Korean town, and Nick suggested a Korean Karaoke Bar. So in a Korean Karaoke Bar on the 4th floor in the Korean Neighborhood of New York City, Nick sang his FIRST karaoke. I sang with him so we had to find something we both knew most of the words to. We sang "My Girl".

view from our hotel. Ground Zero. 24 hr construction wk.

Raining in little Italy

a huge Michael Jackson made out of broken records and some cds (shiny part of his glasses). it was, hmmm $9000 or so, and sold. It's sitting on the floor. You can see the tiny tag on the right.

A painting in SoHo

Cafe Reggio in Greenwich Village. So quaint and cozy. We ate ravioli and carrot cake. both delicious. and some lavender tea. they claim to have brought the first cappuccino machine to America and we sat at a table next to it, and among other antique paintings and furniture. We just stumbled across this place. We were walking around hungry and it looked good and prices were reasonable. It was a great choice.

band from a random bar we found in Greenwich Village

Graffiti near the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge on the NYC side

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

the cars below us

view of the Manhattan Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge

the streets of Brooklyn

Inside a vintage/thrift store in Brooklyn. Don't think she was for sale, but I love this mannequin.

We found a cozy spot in the Connecticut Muffin shop, ordered hot cocoa and chili, and found a spot on the upper level. Having a few hours together, we decided to go see "Where the Wild Things Are" on its opening day. We were over 20 mins late, but found the theater, finished our drinks, used the restroom, and climbed to the 9th floor to watch it. Well worth it. Great movie and what a neat experience. (the below pic was actually taken at the nyc public library a couple days later. I propped the camera up on a bean bag that I sat on a chair... in the kids section.)

Nick went back to the hotel to get ready for work and I was off on my own again.
Fridays from 4 to 8pm is free admission to MoMA. It was packed, but soooo worth it. If you go, the secret is... they keep all the good stuff on the top floors. I looked at a map just now and realized I didn't make it to the top. There are 6 floors (above ground) of Art, and I'm pretty sure I only made it to the 5th floor. I wasn't counting at the time. It's HUGE. I just kept going and on the last floor, I retraced my steps back to make sure I didn't miss any rooms, and sure enough I did. Awesome. loved it. If I ever go back, I'm gonna start at the top and work my way down.


detail showing the trees are made up of paper text and images

Jackson Pollock
I have a better appreciation for him after seeing his work in person. The best part is getting up close and seeing/imaging how the artists applied the paint. In some of Pollock's works you can see full hand prints.

Did I mention it was grey and rainy a lot of the trip? I decided not to alter/photoshop the pics for this post so the pictures might be even greyer than real life.

Statue of Liberty

proof "I" was there :)

Triborough Bridge/Robert F. Kennedy Bridge

I believe this bridge is 1 or 3 that makes of the Triborough Bridge. It sits to the West of the bridges pictured above it.

This is the point in the tour that we had to turn around and head back the way we came (due to high tide) instead of making a full circle around the city. We missed out on some more bridges and such, but I got a second chance to photograph monuments we had already passed by once. This time I was outside on the open deck and got better shots.

yGondola Next to the Queensboro Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

Manhattan Bridge in front of the Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

A barge full of the results from the Cash for Clunkers project.

A Thai restaurant not far from our hotel in the financial district.

An old grave yard near Wall street and Broadway. I can still smell the roasted nuts from the street vendors.

We kept walking around and found the September 11th memorial. (no pics taken). Nick stayed at the hotel and napped before going to work. I headed out on my last day in NYC. First stop, the NYC Public Library.

The children's section. I really liked the drawings of the city that were in here so I took pics of the ones I visited.

a lion fountain

one of the many stairwells

the Rose Main Reading Room

These are the actual toys that inspired the Winnie the Pooh books. Displayed in the children's reading room, of course.

Grand Central Station (constellations painted on the ceiling)

Coincidentally, I arrived at St. Patrick's Cathedral just as Mass was starting, so I stayed for it.

It was dark when I left the cathedral. As I walked the city streets, I was drawn to the colors pouring out of a lighted gallery. To my surprise, it was open and I entered.

My last night in NYC. hmmm what have I not done yet? Let's see. My cousin suggested Dylan's Candy Bar. Googled their hours on my phone. Yay! open for 2 more hours.

Their interior stairs. Right after I took this, one of the workers advised me of their picture taking policies (have to have people in them). So this was the last one I took.

Spent way too much in that store, but it was all I bought while I was in the big apple. Does everyone know why it's called the BIG APPLE? While on my cruise, the tour guide informed us that it was because NYC use to be known for Sugar and Money...and An apple is the most sugary fruit. So hey, I spent a lot of $$ on sugar in New York City. fitting. (I decided to see if he was right. Wikipedia did not agree)

Took the subway for the last time back to the hotel, packed, and went to bed. We took a cab to the airport early the next morning.

And now we are back in North Carolina and plan to stay put til December. So time to enjoy a day of sunshine and the rest of our time here.

Happy adventuring to you all.


  1. Looks like lots of fun!! You packed in a lot of activities too!

  2. Wow, Jess! Thanks for a great post. Did Brooklyn remind you of Boston? From your selection of photos, I sure was reminded of my photos from Boston.
    Now, let's see the paintings pouring out of you from all the great memories!! I imagine plenty of collages!!

  3. Wow! You saw SO much! Now I want to go back without an 11 month old in tow :) Love seeing the candy stairs and the library.

    Did you stay in two different hotels? If I remember right the Empire State Building is not near the Financial District?? We were talking about this at Michelle's swap this afternoon.

  4. yes, we stayed at the Herald Square Hotel (which is near the Empire State Building) for the first 2 nights and then stayed at the Millenium Hilton (in the Financial Dist) for the rest of the trip.

    meg- Yes! Brooklyn reminded my of Boston quite a bit. I actually made that comment as I walked down the streets.

  5. Hey Jess - thanks for giving me the link to this post. Your trip looks fantastic! Do you have one or two things you recommend as an absolute must-see or eat? I'm going to be all about the food! ;)


  6. Liz, I recommend Cafe Reggio in Greenwich Village. The atmosphere is cozy and unique, feeling more like a local spot not a touristy place. The food was also delicious. Greenwich Village has a lot of happening spots with little bars with live music.

    I love Italian so we went to Little Italy. There are so many restaurants side by side that we didnt know which one to choose. Looking back, I wish I had looked at reviews or gotten a suggestion. The one we went to was mediocre.

    One other place I was impressed with was a middle eastern joint downtown just walking distance from our hotel. I couldnt remember what the name of it was so I just did a little googling. I'm 99% sure this is the place -> Alfanoose. It's not fancy. They were open fairly late. Prices were reasonable. The falafel was made fresh right in front of me. Everything I had was delicious.

    As far as places to visit... I loved the MOMA. Central Park was beautiful. And the off Broadway show was unforgetable. But honestly, the spontaneous little adventures were probably the best memories. Who would have guessed we pop into a Korean karaoke bar to sing 'My Girl' or see an improv show for like $5.

    Things are happening all over the place there. Leave a little room for some improv of your own. ;)

  7. Thanks sooo much Jess! That is really helpful. My trip this year was supposed to be to Italy but it turned into NY instead :) So I will definitely visit Little Italy and the others you recommend!