Saturday, October 3, 2009

Painting and a Road trip... go figure

All settled in and finally painting. For some reason or another it was hard to start. It's weird, but I feel a lot of pressure right now. I suppose it's pressure to "make something great" or at least something good. ha ha. I went to an Art Walk in downtown Asheville last night. I was checking out the competition in a way (as I always do), but I look for inspiration, ideas, and maybe even some tips. But it made me realize that I really am focusing on "what's selling"... which IS important, but not as important as having fun. enjoying the process. creating something I like. and just plain PLAYING. uggh.

So. I'm going to share with you what I've been up to. Today, Yesterday, this week, etc.

I'll start with this little guy. My FIRST painting on the road. My first painting in Asheville. In our barn. In front of our picture window. just gotta get started. just gotta paint something. that's what I told myself. here it is.

Another little baby step. On to my second painting. I started with a little piece of inspiration. Working off that, I started this.....

And it developed into this....

This is my desk tonight.

Shows the fun wrapping around to the side.

And this is where I am on it as of now. Started to kind of "age" it. There is a little yellow in the top right corner. I think I'll experiment with it and see what happens. Hopefully I'll still like it in the end :)


Oh, and almost forgot the Road trip part. So I'm bustin' out the CD my sis gave me for my bday (traveling songs... like On the Road Again) and heading out for Charlotte tomorrow, to pick up Nick. His friend that use to live there just happens to be visiting and we plan to hang out with her a bit. Yay, friends. Man I miss friends. Any who, I also got invited (first time ever) to have breakfast in the farm house. I'm sure it will be delish! So now I'm getting all excited for tomorrow and need to go to bed. Trying to sleep might be difficult now...yawn. ahh, good ol' sleepy me. Goodnight everyone.


  1. Sounds and looks like you are having fun!

  2. My after school kids were drawing on the sidewalk...made me think of you and I tried to draw an elephant...not near as cute as yours.