Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finished Painting

Yesterday, I finished a painting that I started back in Asheville. About the time that I posted my last art critique, I started this painting in order to keep busy while allowing enough time for feedback. I have also worked on the art critique "dragon" painting (as its been referenced to me) since then, but finished this one first. So the "dragon" painting is on my work table now and I am committing myself to finish it next.

But today is the debut of another painting (not the dragon painting). I hadn't thought too much about the title until a few minutes ago. Unless I decide to change it later, I am naming it (*correction to title*) Row in Central Park. This painting evolved from a moment I witnessed in Central Park in New York. I did take a lousy photo of it, but my imagination saw something quite different. I knew I was going to paint this scene as I stood there watching them.

Row in Central Park
20in x 20in



  1. I think your dream of illustrating children's books really comes out in this one. Just find the book, right?

  2. thank you. i'd love to illustrate a children's book someday. yes i just need a good story

  3. and the age group to target.