Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowboarding video

this video is a little boring, but i still want to share it with you all. yesterday was day 5 of snowboarding for me. Usually I just go down the slope a couple times and that's a day for me, unlike some people who spend the whole day practicing. Nick has been encouraging and talked me into going up higher yesterday. the snow on the lowest slope was awful sticky and therefore harder to go unless you just balm it. at this time, im super scared of speed. if you know anything about snowboarding, i do the falling leaf pretty good. in the video, im going fairly straight but slowly. i really need to practice going backwards (which means your facing up the mountain and going down on your toes). im more comfortable on my heels.

so here's the first snowboarding video, taken yesterday on the Nevada Trail (i believe) at Heavenly. i'll hopefully share more exciting ones as i progress. oh, i also finally got a snowboarding jacket so i should be wearing GREEN in future videos.


  1. Looks like snowboarders and skiers share the slope.

  2. yes, we share the slope. and the little kids out there are quite a motivator :)

  3. so Nick was boarding AND running the camera!!! Way to go, Nick!