Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i already follow a few blogs and consider them my mentors...or better yet, as models of how id like to see myself in the future. a few of them are true self motivators and go-getters in life and their careers. they are succeeding in life and especially their careers. some have taken a different approach to get to where they are, yet others started down a similar path as me. all have made it work. so my intentions are to watch and learn from them and their approach. maybe someday i can let them know how much they influence me and my decisions. here are a few i have already considered mentors/models and have been watching...

Elsie Flannigan... oh she's probably my favorite. i love reading her blog. she is so inspiring. that girl has accomplished so much because she is so self motivated. always setting goals (and yes she accomplishes them). if you want to know more about her, here's a link to some info about her (located on her store's website) and here is her awesome blog.

Rachel actually a friend of Elsie's and that's how i found her. she is also a contributor to the Red Velvet Store. we have similar interests....anything vintage, sewing, crafts, thrifting, repurposing, decorating, etc... plus she has (as much as i can tell) a loving husband and 2 children (the youngest was just born about a month ago). watching her juggle work and taking care of her 2 little ones is a reminder of the freedom and advantage i should have (not having kids). here's her blog

rachel on the left and elsie on the right (photo source)

i have actually been reading and watching these first two for a few years now.

i have recently been stalking a new girl (ok well just her blog and website). her name is...
Promise Tangeman. she is not only a crafty girl who sells her stuff on, but she is also a photographer and graphic designer. i love her website. i am currently learning flash and hope to build a site as fabulous as her's. you might also enjoy checking out her blog here.

promise (photo source)

Betsy Walton...i became aware of her probably a couple years ago too, but havent consistently stayed on top of what she was doing. she does have a website/blog if you want to check it out. she doesnt post on her blog as often as the girls, but i love her work. and i didnt remember reading this before, but just recently i read (maybe reread) her profile....and come to find out, she is from kansas and now lives in portland after leaving her "full time job in October, 2006 to become a painter and illustrator." wow! the parallel is weird. maybe we'll meet in portland =)

betsy walton (photo source)

the last couple of days, i have been looking for other's i might admire ... and found this talented lady!... Jessica Hische is an illustrator and typographer. she does have design on her site too and a fun blog, but i love her illustrations the most. i just found her a couple hours ago and really love how her voice comes across. casual ... real

jessica hische (photo source)

...others im considering right now are:
Dolan Geiman
Lisa Congdon
basically i think i need another painter in the mix. i have a few crafty girls, a designer, an illustrator, and one painter (and although i love her work, she doesnt keep me engaged with blog posts).

so ive done a lot of searching for cool individuals that are making a living in the creative world. design ... handmade crafts ... photography ... painting ... etc. i will keep an eye on these and still browse others, at a less intense state then i have the last couple days. if i come across someone else im loving or watching, ill be sure to share the love with you.


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